How To Choose The Best Coffee For Your Office?


We rely on caffeine to be a lifeline when waking up in the morning. Thus, coffee and work are two things that inherently go together with one another. But if you don’t have the time to make yourself a cup before heading to the office, the natural solution is to make one whilst there. So if you’re a business owner and if you have employees who love caffeine, a smart thing to do would be to pack the office with delicious beans ready to be brewed. And in this article, we are going to tell you how to choose the best coffee for the office. With all that said, let’ start.

1. Look at the Price


Providing your offices with a steady flow of quality beans is one thing, but you shouldn’t go overboard in regards to price. While some of you might be fortunate enough to do so, others aren’t so we have to look at price as an objective factor. The easiest way to satisfy all parties is to simply find a coffee that falls within your budget. If you can afford more expensive beans, then do it. But a higher price doesn’t always equal quality. There are some very affordable options out there that brew an excellent cup of coffee. In addition, you have to look at how many cups per person you can get out of a single packaging. If your staff likes to drink two cups a day, then it is smart to find a brand that will steadily supply you and give you the best prices.

2. What Is Your (Staff’s) Preference?


Let’s be real for a second. Taste is subjective that makes all that harder to factor in. Some of your employees might prefer this type of coffee while others prefer that type. But regardless of what type of coffee you get, you’ll eventually isolate a group of your employees. That’s why the best thing to do is to run a survey. The survey will help you determine what flavors and types of beans your employees prefer. If the office is split into two things, then the obvious solution to the problem is to get both types of coffee. You don’t even have to spend a single cent on running the survey as there are plenty of free services out there.

Whenever making the survey, make sure to include a huge selection and even allow employees to add their favorite type if it’s missing. This will eliminate most of the issues in the selection process and help you determine what beans to get. But we’ve so far talked about types of coffee and not actual brands. For this, well it depends from person to person as certain brands don’t exist in certain countries. But if you’re reading this from the US, then make sure to click here to get a feel of what brand to get.

3. Method of Delivery


This one is very important. Supplying the office with fresh beans means constantly having to run by the store to get more. However, there is a way to eliminate the latter part by simply finding someone that will maintain a steady supply of fresh coffee beans. The good thing is that this one might not be an issue if you’re a relatively smaller business with a few employees. But larger businesses with dozens if not hundreds of employees will quickly realize how difficult it is to supply the office with fresh coffee. So if you sympathize with this problem, then it’s best to talk to the supplier and talk about free delivery.

Fortunately, most suppliers do offer free delivery but will require a minimum purchase. So by ordering more, the supplier will chuck off the delivery price. This is good if there are plenty of coffee heads in the office that love making fresh brews as they do their jobs. And another huge benefit of this is that you’ll be getting fresh beans from the very people that roast them.

4. Maybe Get A Machine?


It’s very safe to assume that not everyone knows how to make a good cup. Furthermore, some people are lazy and the thought of having to make coffee for the office is a nightmare to bear with. Those of you that are unfortunate not to have a coffee machine or maker in the office usually take turns making the cups. But as a business owner, you have to provide your employees with all the amenities and tools that will make the workplace more enjoyable. And a coffee machine is considered an amenity. So in addition to providing the office with fresh beans, you should provide them with the means to make the perfect most tasteful cup of coffee. Once you choose what type of coffee your employees love, take the necessary time to research the machines that brew it. You’d be surprised to discover how many options are out there.

5. Maybe Go For A Service?


And lastly, let’s talk about innovation. Capitalism is so good that anyone can become a business owner. More so, there are endless business ideas with new ones popping every now and then. And one relatively new business idea is to be a coffee service. This is different from being a supplier as coffee services refer to the different styles in which your office gets the coffee.

They are mostly cheap and very affordable and provide customers with excellent service. In addition, these services are very flexible. This means you can agree on the terms of delivery and the style of delivery. You could have them deliver fresh beans, deliver ready-made cups of coffee, and more. Coffee services are becoming more and more popular in the business space, as it eliminates many of the traditional issues such as maintaining a steady flow of beans, obtaining a maker to brew them, etc.


We hope that this article will come in handy when the time comes to choose coffee for the office. As always, the job isn’t done and you will have to do your part in surveying your employees and doing research on potential services or suppliers that will provide the office with a constant flow of fresh beans.