How Long Does It Take to Process an Australian Citizenship Application?


If you are applying for citizenship in Australia you must have red up on the general eligibility criteria. Additionally the higher education climate of Australia is the best in the world. Many international students apply for a second passport when they have completed their education in the country and want to settle there.

The climate of the nation is also great for doing business and trade. Before you apply for citizenship in Australia make sure you go through all the eligibility requirements through a close reading. We will be talking about the eligibility requirements, the process of submitting an application form and how long it will take for it to process.

The Eligibility Requirements

First, before submitting the application, look through the eligibility criteria. It includes the following regulations:

  • An individual should be more than 18 years of age.
  • They should possess a PR visa.
  • They would be willing to permanently settle in the country.
  • Residence requirements like living in the country for at least a year as a permanent resident. Should have a valid visa for the last 4 years without leaving the country for more than a year.
  • They should show proof of good character.

The Citizenship Test


Anyone wholesales there are eligibility requirements is then qualified to give an interview. Only on the basis of the result of the interview can an individual qualify for a test. After the interview the test will include your general knowledge of Australian culture and practices. Essentially your knowledge of the society will be tested to see how well you integrate within it. The test taker wants to ensure that you become a valuable member of the society. You can also look for additional information

This test is not mandatory as the interview can also decide whether you will pass the process or not. Anyone younger than 18 or older than 60 are not required to give the test. All India visuals with physical impairments are also exempted from the test and only require the interview. There will be proper testing of original documentation before both the test and the interview to confirm your eligibility. Follow this link for test preparation.

The Application Form

Before you go ahead with the application form, read about the changes in the citizenship test criteria. As compared to the questionnaire before now there will be more discussion on Australian cultural values. These values will help individuals understand the type of community the nation is building and their commitment to creating a good environment for their citizens.

When you fill out the application form you also provide original documents which include the identity proof and the criminal records, if any. If you have previously changed your name you need to provide proper documentation about the legitimacy of the change. When you are feeling out the form make sure you fill out all the blanks. Everything has gone digital so you can submit the form online. There is also the provision to mail the paper form to the nearest office.

Hard copies are used when they are not submitted because you will also have to include your documents along with it. Make sure that you do not send over your original documents along with the application if you are posting it. While the application form is the preliminary way to secure an appointment with the office, make sure you bring all the required paperwork when called for an appointment.

The Appointment and Notification


You will get an appointment during which the validity of your documents will be checked by an officer. Only after the papers you have submitted our duly verified can you move on to the interview. Once you are done with the appointment you will get a notification of whether your application was accepted or not. The processing time of an application depends on multiple factors.

What Impacts the Processing Time?

Before we tell you about how long it takes to process an Australian citizenship application, we will tell you the circumstances that can cause a delay. The authorities check the applications add an individual level and some circumstances that impact processing time include:

  • Cross checking the availability of places in the migration program for people applying for permanent visas.
  • Checking if the application includes all the required documents and has been filled completely.
  • Waiting for a response from external authority that will verify an individual claim about their identity, character and health.
  • The promptness with which an individual responds when requested for additional information or documentation.
  • The time taken by the individual to present themselves for a citizenship ceremony.

What are the Processing Times?

Now that you have understood the typical reasons behind delays, we can talk about the average period of processing time. You can easily expect a waiting period of 18 to 25 months. If you have applied under the general category expect to wait in the given time from the date of applying to the date of the ceremony confirming your citizenship. Lately, the processing time has seen a sharp increase because many interviews were postponed.


If you talk about the time period on the basis of application type, the processing period varies as follows:

  • Under the general category expect the time frame between 15 to 19 months.
  • If you have gone for citizenship by descent it will take at least 6 to 9 months.
  • If an individual has presented evidence it will take only 7 to 20 days until final decision.

The Takeaway

If you feel like the stipulated time for the processing has gone by and the result is too late, you can contact the department directly. There are usually reasons for the delay which include incomplete documentation or information provided. Try to be as thorough as possible with the paperwork you submit along with the request for citizenship. Also, try to understand that each request is completed on an individual basis depending on the case and the presence of the required papers.