5 Ways in Which an Atlanta Motorcycle Injury Attorney Will Help You

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Motorcycle accidents are far more serious than car accidents. Motorcyclists encounter serious injuries and fatalities after an accident. It is often seen that motorcyclists and their families face a lot of difficulties when they want to claim compensation or the insurance companies give them a hard time paying what they deserve. So it is very important to get Atlanta motorcycle injury lawyers on board who are experts in dealing with motorcycle accidents.

The lawyers will collect the evidence that will help you in getting compensation

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The most important step after a motorcycle accident is to gather evidence that will support you. That might be photos, eyewitnesses, surveillance camera footage, and details of the driver, as you will need them later in the case. You are too injured in a motorcycle accident to collect all the evidence. Let the lawyer work on your behalf while you can focus on your recovery.

Assessing liability

To get compensation for personal injury or death in a motorcycle accident, you must prove that more than one party was involved. A lawyer will help you in doing that. Generally, in a motorcycle accident, the driver of the other part is held liable, but there are a few other ways of making a claim.

  • If there was any defect in the motorcycle, you could claim a product liability claim.
  • You can claim for the negligence of an employer if they have hit you in the course of their duty (common in truck accident cases).
  • You could claim the government if the roads were in hazardous conditions.

Help in calculating the damages

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A lawyer will help you determine all the compensations you will be entitled to. If you take the case on your own, you may not get hands-on compensation. The compensation you are eligible for are:

  • Medical expense claims after the accident and for the future too.
  • Hampering the work resulted in the loss of income to date.
  • Hampering the capacity to work.
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Coverage for the emotional ups and downs like PTSD.
  • The permanent loss of ability to lead life.
  • Scars left permanently.
  • And many more.

The insurance company will try to cut down the compensation pinning the fault on you. You need to have a lawyer as they are expert negotiators. They squeeze every penny from the company and the defendant.

Take these precautions before riding a motorcycle.

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You can avoid all the hassles of lawyers, police reports, and insurance companies if te accident does not happen in the first place. Being careful and attentive while riding a motorbike can prevent you from the damages that an accident brings. Motorcycle injuries are undeniably much more severe than car accidents. You might get permanently disabled if in a motorcycle accident. As the saying goes, precautions are better than care. These tips will help you:

Put on safety gears: ensure you have all the safety gears necessary for riding a bike. Wearing safety gear will save you from severe injuries if you meet an accident.

  • Helmets
  • Googles
  • Protective jackets
  • Gloves
  • Boots

These are the safety gears that you must get. Buy good quality gears, do not compromise on the quality. Look for DOT-certified helmets.

Ensure you are visible: While riding a motorbike, wear reflective bands on your helmet and stick reflective stickers on your motorcycle. The bands and stickers glow when light falls on them. It will let the passer-by or the other vehicle’s driver know your position and prevent sudden collisions. And keep away from the blind spots of the other vehicles.

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Maintenance of the bike: Often, accidents result from malfunctioning motorcycles. Get servicing of your motorbike done at regular intervals. Before going for a long ride, check the following:

  • Pressure
  • Mirrors
  • Engine
  • Gas
  • Loose screws or bolts
  • Lights brakes
  • Other mechanical parts

Any malfunctioning part may lead you to unwanted situations. Any faulty part should be fixed as soon as you can.

Be vigilant: You must be careful and attentive to the road and the obstacles. Keep an eye on:

  • Potholes
  • Speed breakers
  • Garage piles
  • Oil spills

Farseeing them allows you the window of time to react and take action to prevent the accident. Also, if you are in a crowded area, be sure to drive slowly as anyone may come in front of your vehicle, causing a collision.

Maintain distance: While on the road, maintain a safe distance from the other vehicles. Do not overtake or be too close to their vehicles. It will reduce the chance of collision. Be sensible and respectful to your fellow drivers on the road, and do not try to cut through small spaces between the vehicles.

Fill up the tanks: Before setting up for a journey, you must ensure that you have a full tank. Running out of gas in the middle of nowhere can be dangerous. Check whether the tank is filled with gas to get you to the end of the journey. If you notice a low gas level, you can look for the nearest gas station in GPS and fill up the tank.

Do not share lane: If you have other riders along with you, then do not share the lane. Keep a gap with the other rider. By riding in the same lane and too near you, both riders threaten each other’s safety.


Riding a motorcycle might seem easy and fun, but your whole life would be at stake if something went wrong. You must be careful while riding a motorcycle. It is reported that 80% of motorcycle accidents have severe consequences. Do not rush, follow the traffic rules and be attentive. Avoid riding at night and if the weather is not good. But if you have had an accident, do not pressure yourself by taking charge of the legal filing yourself. Let the lawyers handle the issue on your behalf while you rest and focus on your well-being.