What’s Acresso Software Manager and How to Uninstall it – 2023 Guide


acresso software manager

Many of you may have recently installed software called Nuance PDF Reader on your Windows laptop or desktop computer. An error message should have appeared during the installation, indicating that the applications are using certain files that should have been updated by the installation.


Don’t panic. This message appears only because the software manager is known as Acresso Software Manager or isuspm.exe.

You will now think about what the Acresso Software Manager is. You want to remove it too, but you don’t know how.

Then let’s find out.

What is the Acresso Software Manager?

The Acresso Software Manager or isuspm.exe is the standard software. The will be installed automatically as soon as you have downloaded the Nuance PDF Reader to your PC. Installation takes place without prior notice and without the need for an update. Acresso Software Inc. introduced this software to the market.

The purpose of the Acresso Software Manager is to keep you informed of updates to installed programs. In case of updates, it will be notified or automatically receive updates in case of default settings.
Because the Acresso Software Manager uses the Internet to search for updates, it consumes a lot of data and reduces the speed of the PC.

Can I keep Acresso Software Manager?

There is no problem if you have the Acresso Software Manager on your laptop or PC. However, it consumes a lot of processor speed, which can lead to system delays.

That’s why we better get him out of here. You must follow the instructions below to take the necessary precautions.

How do I uninstall the Acresso Software Manager?

You should look for ways to uninstall the Acresso Software Manager or isuspm.exe. You don’t have to look far.

For your convenience, here are the options to remove Acresso Software Manager from your laptop:

Method 1 to uninstall Acresso Software Manager:

The Nuance PDF reader automatically installs the Acresso Software Manager. So the best solution is to uninstall this software first. To do this, follow these steps:

  • First turn on your laptop or Windows PC.
  • Next you need to find Remove Program and then go to the window where you will find a list of all installed programs.
  • In this list you will find the Nuance PDF Reader.
  • You can delete them with the right mouse button.

This method is advantageous if you do not want to use the Nuance PDF Reader at all. In this way, the Acresso Software Manager will be completely removed and you will be released.

Method 2 to uninstall Acresso Software Manager:

If you want Nuance PDF Reader, but still want to uninstall Acresso Software Manager, follow these steps

  • In your Windows laptop you need to find and open the Nuance PDF reader.
  • Visit the Help section listed in the menu above.
  • Then you have to select the option Nuance on the web.
  • There you will find the option Automatic update on the web. Remove the checkbox.

Finally, the Acresso Software Manager is automatically uninstalled by following the steps above.

So we finally have all the information about what Acresso Software Manager is and how to get rid of it. You can follow the instructions above and make sure your laptop is working properly.