15 Unique Things About Aruba – 2023 Guide

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Aruba is an island that is set in the Caribbean. There are many fascinating and unique things that you must know about Aruba even before visiting it so that you have a better idea of the place. Although the island is small, there are still many marvelous attractions that attract tourists worldwide. Every year over thousands of tourists come to visit the delights of the Caribbean.

Aruba is a part of the ABC islands, and it has the most beautiful and scenic beaches. The white sand beaches and the rugged terrains of Aruba is a unique combination that offers the best of beach waves and off-road adventures. There are many fascinating things about this small island that will take you by surprise, and surely you will be intrigued to know more about it.

Feel safe to visit Aruba as this island is blessed to be out of the hurricane belt, and also there are no shark attacks that have been recorded. You can visit this island all year round, so don’t think before booking your tickets to the Caribbean paradise. During your time in Aruba, you can get both luxury and exotic landscapes. Let us now get to know 15 unique things about Aruba.

1. Blend of Nationalities

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Diversity is what you will see in everything the moment that you step into Aruba. Right from the population to the cuisines, languages, there is a lot of diversity, but all of them just fit perfectly in Aruba. You will find someone on the island that speaks your language, and your favorite cuisine will be there. The Arubans speak more than four languages, making it very easy for the tourists to communicate with them.

2. Aruban Cuisine

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Unique dishes, seafood, and a lot more at one place are what you will only find in Aruba. You must try out the local restaurants to know about authentic cuisine, and you must give it a try. Also, you must try out the local cocktails as you will get them only on the island.

3. Rock Formations

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There are many ancient paintings that can be seen on the rock formations on the island. Isn’t it quite interesting and unique? If you are intrigued to know more, you must visit the natural rock formations and caves as they have many historical stories to tell.

4. See Venezuela

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One unique thing about Aruba is that you will see Venezuela right from the island on a clear day. It is so amazing that you can view Venezuela as it is just nine miles away from Aruba. You can get to see amazing views from Aruba. If you are a nature lover, then Aruba is your paradise where you should be.

5. Famous Wreck Diving

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Only Aruba is the wreck diving capital of the Caribbean islands. The famous wrecks of Aruba are SS Antilla and SS Pedernales. You can go snorkeling or scuba diving in Aruba if you wish to explore the marine life and the shipwrecks. The marine life of Aruba is just spectacular, and there are many beautiful species that you will be able to see there.

6. Flim Festival

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Aruba has its international film festival, which is known as the Aruba International Film Festival. It is the most luxurious and exotic destination where this film festival takes place, and films from all over the world are screened here.

7. Special White Sand Beaches

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The unique thing about the white sand beaches of Aruba is that they are barefoot-friendly. This happens due to the crushed coral and shell composition of the white sand. Mainly due to this, the sand is mostly cool and offers a comfortable base to walk barefoot on the beach. For your accommodation, you can check some of the beautiful Aruba Villas.

8. Clean Drinking Water

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Aruba is a pioneer when it comes to purified water technology. Due to this, the tap water in Aruba is clean to drink directly from it. This island has the largest desalination plants globally.

9. Divi-Divi Trees

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Divi-Divi trees of Aruba provide directions to the town. This is quite unique about Aruba in that the Divi-Divi trees are used to get directions in the remote areas of the island as the locals to say that you have to follow the bend of the trees to go to the town.

10. Adventurous Terrains

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Aruba has a wild side to it which is filled with rocky terrains. In this part of the island, it is impossible for you to take your normal car to explore. You have to book a jeep or an ATV/UTV. On the wild side of Aruba, you will see many hidden gems that most tourists skip out.

11. Legal Gambling

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Gambling is legal in Aruba. You can enjoy gambling in Aruba without worrying about anything, and there are amazing casinos on the island. Also, the island does not tax the money that you win from gambling.

12. Arikok National Park

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Over 20% of the island is a national park. During your visit to Aruba, make sure to visit the Arikok National Park, which is home to exotic flora and fauna.

13. All Sunny Days

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Another unique thing about Aruba is that Aruba enjoys the highest number of sunny days in all Caribbean islands. To enjoy your vacation to the fullest, you must choose to stay at Aruba condo rental where you can bask in the Aruban sun. Book your stay at www.VacationAruba.com so that you can get the condo rentals that you like the best.

14. Baby Turtles

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You can get to see beautiful sea baby turtles on the island. It is such an amazing sight to view them.

15. Local Cocktails

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Aruba has its famous national cocktail and beer. Isn’t it awesome and both of them are everyone’s favorite, so make sure to try them out. The national cocktail of Aruba is the Aruba Ariba cocktail, and the national beer is called Balashi.

So, have you enjoyed knowing about the One Happy Island. There are many unique things about Aruba that are still left to the explored. This paradise island is just perfect for the ones who want to escape from daily life. Aruba never fails to the tourists that come to the island in search of paradise on earth.

This island is home to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Did you amazed to know about the unique things about Aruba? If yes, then you will truly love to visit this. Make sure that you explore this island well so that you can do justice to your trip to the Caribbean.