How Do You Trick Online Slots And Win Every Time


Gambling is definitely not a pastime activity that you can plan for all the time. Although a popular hobby and one of the most popular things people do for fun all over the world, it is hardly a certainty.

It is possible to prepare or even practice for many other things in life, but with gambling not so much. It is all about luck and randomness in most cases, so one cannot really expect to win all the time.

This is what prevents many from picking it up as a thing to do in free time. While many expect to earn money from it and improve their financial security, it is not always possible, especially with a certain kind of games.

Can You Win at Slots?


Slot machines are both famous and infamous. They are famous because of their simplicity and the straightforwardness, as well as a lot of variety between the slots. There are many themes, the graphics are fun, and the music is interesting.

Combine that with the overall simplicity and you get the most popular gambling game on the planet. However, there is a very good reason why they are infamous. It is because it is almost impossible to win at them.

Both the traditional and online slot varieties are well-known for how hard they are to score money from. So can this be countered and if so, how? Read on to find out. Once you know more about this, check out the best casino site to make use of it.

Randomness and Luck


The title of this article seems like it has a positive answer as it is hopeful. It is as if it has the answer to every gambler’s problem. The reality is quite different. Slot machines cannot really be tricked into giving you money.

There isn’t a way to trick an online slot and win every time. Not only that, but you may never win at all. The reasons for this is simple. It is all about the random number generator (RNG) that has no logic and basis in things that you can prepare for. Lady Luck is also involved, again something you can never influence.

So what can be done then do trick the online slot? Absolutely nothing. The very core of the game is that it is the most luck-based one of all. It cannot be tricked and this will always be the case.

What Can Be Done?


The only thing you can do to better your case and increase your chances is to pay attention to the return to player (RTP) and the house edge percentages. These can give you some clue into which slot gives more money back to the players, or which has the lowest house edge.

If the RTP is 95% (which is slightly above average), the house edge is 5%. Combine this with always playing the slots you enjoy the most and you have a slight advantage, at least when it comes to your comfort levels and the most favorable slot.

Other than that, there is no way to trick a web-based slot machine and we have to make peace with that.