Testosterone – What It Does, Benefits, and Is it Possible to Increase it?

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What is testosterone? Testosterone is a hormone that both males and females have. However, it is commonly associated with males and they have larger quantities of it.

Simply said, testosterone makes men look like men. It is produced in the testicles and it is responsible for the things such as a deeper voice, facial and pubic hair development, sex drive, and muscle mass.

There are, of course, some other aspects of testosterone, but what it is important to know about it is that it starts to decline after you turn 30. It declines gradually as you grow older, but that is a natural process and there’s nothing to worry about.

If someone has a smaller amount of testosterone, those males usually don’t have the standard masculine characters, they have a higher pitch, smaller build and they aren’t as masculine, because the levels of estrogen are becoming more dominant.

Cholesterol and Testosterone

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There is a close connection between cholesterol and testosterone. In fact, cholesterol synthesizes testosterone. We usually connect cholesterol with something that’s not good, but only the high levels of it may cause problems. When maintained properly, cholesterol does a lot of good things in our body, one of which is the production and of testosterone. There is another important part – pituitary gland in the brain that controls the levels.

Now, here are some of the benefits of increased testosterone levels.

Stronger bones

The reasons why you need to monitor testosterone levels are plentiful and one of them is to have stronger bones. One of the purposes of testosterone is to maintain bone density and as it starts to drop, your bones can become thinner, eventually leading to osteoporosis.

It is normal for this to happen later in our lives, but there are some testosterone therapies that are used in order to increase bone density and prevent the disease. Of course, you will need to consult your doctor first and it is impossible to do this by yourself.

What you should know is that testosterone plays a crucial role in keeping the bones strong.

Tissue growth

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Another major role of testosterone that people may not know about is that it encourages the growth of tissues. Also, it interacts with the nuclear receptors in DNA and is triggering protein synthesis.

These are all important processes in our body and without testosterone, or at least without the right levels of it, they wouldn’t be possible which would cause a lot of problems for an individual.

Furthermore, testosterone regulates body weight for men and those with uncontrolled levels of testosterone, or small levels usually have more fat. The more testosterone you have, the easier it is for men to burn fat.

Circulatory system

According to some recent studies, it appears that testosterone plays a role in keeping your heart strong as well. It does so by “telling” the bone marrow to produce red cells.

Controls behavior

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When we’ve said earlier in the article that testosterone is a male hormone, this is what we meant. Dominance and aggression and connected to this chemical and the more testosterone one have the more of a “man” he is.

These masculine characteristics are becoming more prominent. It comes to no surprise that men are more competitive than women, for example, and now you know why. However, when testosterone drops, the man will not feel as motivated to pursue a goal or compete against others.

Better spatial and verbal abilities

According to research, men with high testosterone levels show a reduced incidence of Alzheimer’s disease. Furthermore, they have better verbal memory.

Is it possible to increase it?

There is a way to increase the levels of testosterone naturally and the good news is that every healthy individual can do this. Unless you have some health problem that requires a doctor’s intervention, you will be able to up your testosterone levels with these simple tips:

Get enough sleep

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Our body goes through rhythms as day and night shift and the chemicals in our body increase and decreases depending on the time of the day. Sleep plays a crucial role in regulating these processes. And it must be a night’s sleep.

If you are not getting enough sleep, which is about 8 hours a night (and it has to be quality sleep as well, meaning that it is not disrupted) your testosterone levels may drop by 15% in just a few days. The yearly drop of testosterone is 1 percent, but luckily, you will not suffer any major consequences if you reestablish your sleep schedule and get those eight hours.

Vitamins and supplements

One of the most important vitamins for testosterone is vitamin D. And the best thing about it is that we get vitamin D from the Sun. All it takes for you is to get outside for 15 minutes a day and have the desired vitamin D levels.

Vitamin D has a lot of other useful functions as well as sun exposure, especially early in the morning. If you live in a cloudy area, or in an area where days are short and there’s not enough sunny days, you can get your vitamin D in the nearest pharmacy.

When it comes to supplements and foods, add more fish to your diet because fish fat can help you regulate testosterone levels. Also, flaxseeds can be very useful as well. One of the supplements that is used widely is magnesium, which among everything it does helps your testosterone as well.

However, taking supplements and eating junk food will not really help you out. Other than adding supplementation, your diet must be somewhat healthy (you don’t have to go all in the healthy diet, but reduce processed sugar, bread, juices and fast food – that may be just enough).

Avoiding Stress

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Not all stress is bad – sometimes, stress keeps us alert and ready to act. However, most of the stress we have today, living in cities, working daily and struggling to find balance in our lives is unnecessary. You should avoid unnecessary stress and find a way to be more calm and collected.

A large number of diseases come from losing control over ourselves and stressing out about everything. You’d be surprised how many things you can prevent by figuring out a way to not stress out for every little thing. By avoiding stress, your testosterone levels will improve, but your general health will be much better too.

Testosterone therapy

All these things mentioned above can help you increase the testosterone levels in your body. However, sometimes, your body doesn’t produce testosterone, which is when therapy is required.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy is the most common therapy for boosting testosterone levels. However, it is not suitable for everyone, and thus, it is recommended to go for natural ways to increase testosterone levels.

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You’ve grasped the importance of testosterone in our bodies and the role it plays in keeping us healthy. Also, you have found out more on how to regulate it naturally as well as how therapy works. Keep testosterone checks regular and act when you notice a drop.