How Technology Revolutionizes Pet Care And Wellbeing


Without a doubt, technology has changed our lives for the better. From our smartphones to the smart products in our homes to the smart cars we drive, most of us can agree that the many advances in technology have made our lives easier and happier.

This can also be said for the technology we use when it comes to our pets. Learning about our pets is just one swipe away using our smartphones now. We can visit websites like The Pampered Pup for their canine expertise that helped countless pup parents overcome a vast array of challenges.

Imagine this, no one knew what their dog was doing when they left for work forty years ago. Were they tearing into the garbage or barking for hours on end?

Today, we can use new technology to see what they are up to in real-time whenever we need to leave the house. What other ways has technology revolutionized pet care and wellbeing? Read on to learn more.

Your Pet and Separation Anxiety


Our pets, especially dogs, often deal with separation anxiety when we leave the house. This anxiety can translate into destructiveness on their part as they wait for you to come home again. They may tear up items in your home, bark or whine for hours on end, pace the floor, or have problems controlling their bodily functions.

In the past, the only thing you could do to help was to confine your pet to a crate or small room to minimize the damage. Many pet owners felt terribly guilty leaving their homes when they knew their pets would be upset.

Today, technology has made great strides when it comes to dealing with separation anxiety in our pets. With the invention of smart cameras, pet owners can now play and talk with their pets even when they are far away from home. The best models will do much more than allow you to see what your pet is up to. The more sophisticated cameras will let you talk to your pet, operate a laser pointer from your app, and even dispense treats when you want it to.

You can choose a model that records both picture and audio and will save it to cloud storage for future viewing. Some offer a feature that will send you a push notification when your dog starts to bark which can be a helpful perk if you are trying to train your dog.
All-in-all, a smart camera is a great asset to own when you want to lessen any separation anxiety your pet feels while you are gone. They will feel better being home alone, and you won’t have to worry about being gone for hours at a time.

Your Pet and Safety


If you have ever owned a dog or cat that loves to run off, then you know just how stressful it can be every time you open the door or have to take them somewhere in your vehicle. Years ago the only option you had was to make sure they had a tag with your phone number on it at all times.

In the past couple of decades, microchipping your pet soon became the norm. However, there was no guarantee that someone would find your lost pet and take them to a vet to check if it had a microchip. You just had to hope for the best if they got lost or ran off.

Today, a GPS pet tracker will be your best friend if you are worried about your pet escaping. These trackers are simply attached to the collar of your pet and activated by pairing the device to an app on your smartphone. The GPS will then track your dog or other pet in real-time. For example, if your dog breaks off of their leash and runs away from you, simply pull up your app and the GPS will automatically pinpoint their exact location.

A pet GPS tracker will allow you to find your pet quickly and easily. However, there is still a chance that the tag could fall off your pet, so it is important to always have your dog or cat microchipped. Since a microchip is injected underneath their skin, you never have to worry that it will get lost.

Your Pet and Their Health


Technology has made great strides in the world of pet care and well-being, especially when it comes to the veterinarian. Many vets now use the latest and best diagnostic equipment that lets them better identify and understand your pet’s injury or illness. In the past, vets had limited use of medical equipment.

Today, many vet clinics offer their own ultrasound machines, video otoscopes, and X-ray machines. Many also have their own laboratories right in the clinic, which means you will not have to wait for days to get the results of a urine or blood test. Your pet can be taken care of then and there, no moving them from place to place for tests or waiting for days for results.

Technology has also improved how pet owners can track their pet’s medical records. There are many apps you can now download to your smartphone that will allow you to update your pet’s different medical records and vaccinations as soon as they occur.

These apps are typically shareable with others, a perfect solution for when you need to give their records to a new vet or boarding facility. Instead of having a folder of paperwork lost in your home, your pet’s important medical history can be kept right at your fingertips.

Technology has also given us an efficient way to receive fast health care for our pets without leaving our homes. If your pet is having a problem that you don’t believe is an emergency, you may have the opportunity to receive virtual care from home with a video call from your vet.

This type of pet care has also increased because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to limit patients in the actual office. Many vets can even prescribe certain medications after speaking with you on a video call.

Your Pet and Playtime


Your pet needs stimulation every single day. Of course, we all would love the chance to hang out with our pets for hours to give them the attention and exercise that they need, but this isn’t always a possibility when we have busy schedules.

Many pet product manufacturers are jumping on the “smart train” and are now making smart toys for your pet that will help them stay happy and active when you can’t give them the attention they want. For example, your puppy or kitten may miss their mother when they first come home. They will love a stuffed animal that has been built with a “heartbeat” that feels and sounds like the real thing.

Technology has also provided smart pet toys for pets who love to play. For example, pet manufacturers have developed toy balls that roll and light up. This type of smart toy is USB rechargeable and is a fun way to keep your pet busy when you need some downtime.

You can also find laser pointers that recharge through a USB port and smart bones that you can control with an app. Pet toy manufactures are aware of the advances in pet care technology and are working diligently to keep up with the demand for smart toys and products.