Drenched in Blood: The Season of Blood Begins Challenge in the “Abattoir of Zir” Dungeon

Abattoir of Zir
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Since the start of Season of Blood, the game has been filled with a lot of new content and has lured old and new players into the game again.

The second season pleased us with new mobs, unique items, decorative rewards, activities, and endgame bosses that will give the player a long-awaited continuation and variety in the gameplay.

New vampire skills have also been added, as well as improvements to equipment. Since December 5th this season, we have been introduced to a dungeon called “Abattoir of Zir”, which has become a real trial for many players.

What do you need to open the “Abattoir of Zir”

To open this trial, we first need to complete all chapters of the seasonal campaign. This will allow us to create a Bloodforged Sigil from the occultist, which will create a Gut flow. It is through it that you can get to the abattoir.

The most important reward in the dungeon.

While there are a few pieces of loot you can get from “Abattoir of Zir“, the main rewards come in the form of a new Glyph and Glyph XP.”Tears of Blood” gives 2% increased damage for every 5 core stats purchased within its range, plus a 50% boost to rare nodes within range.

Considering that each regular node on the Paragon Board gives 5 of a specific stat, so each node in range increases your damage by 2%.This glyph can be upgraded to level 200, adding 10% damage every 10 levels.

This glyph requires a lot of experience compared to others, but it also provides strong characteristics.

Completing rank 1 grants 1,000 glyph experience, and each subsequent tier adds 100, then 200 until the difference is more than 1,000 experience compared to the previous tier. This means that the best way to increase your stats and prepare for the next tier of “Abattoir of Zir” is to level up the Glyph.

Features of the dungeon and recommendations.

Abattoir of Zir
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The first tier of the abattoir is the same difficulty as a level 100 nightmare dungeon. Each new tier will be much stronger and getting to tier 25 will be too difficult. When passing through, you now need to focus not on damage, but on survivability.

Buy good potions and try to separate enemies and kill them in small groups. You need to remember that you have 10 minutes to complete the stage. During this time you need to kill all mobs and final bloodhunters.

One of the key points for completing dungeons is the rational use of elixirs in boss battles. This can be achieved by combining amulets and boots, which increase the duration of the buff from elixirs.

Equipping these items before using powerful elixirs will increase the duration of the buff, allowing you to deal with bosses more effectively.

Some players make their build around an amulet called the Heart of Selig and items, artifacts that increase the level of armor, provide resistance to types of damage, and increase mana regeneration. This option is not suitable for everyone because many people do not have such items.

The higher dungeon tear gives more experience will be given to improve the glyph. Along with pumping up the glyph, your character will become stronger and you will be able to advance further.

To farm experience, you can go through some tears many times to gain experience without much difficulty.

This type of glyph level-up will be very difficult and long, and a person may not have that much time and want to enjoy the game and not grind all the time. In this case, you can consider alternative variants.

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Tears of Blood

Whether it’s your choice to confront the challenge of “Abattoir of Zir” alone or seek the help of boost services in Diablo 4, the path to mastering the ‘Tears of Blood’ glyph is an exciting experience.

As players deliberate their variants the choice between personal achievement and the convenience of boost services ultimately depends on individual preferences and priorities.

Whichever path you choose, may the bloody adventures of “Season of Blood” bring you glory and triumph in the ever-evolving world of Diablo 4.