Why the MBLEx Massage Exam is So Important for New LMT’s?

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You may be surprised when we tell you that massage is actually a way of healing. We usually think of this as a way to relax, which is certainly true, but the therapeutic effects that massage has on the human body are often overlooked. It is something that people have been practicing for thousands of years, from ancient China and Egypt to the present day. The reason why that remained important throughout the history is precisely the efficiency in solving many problems. Although massage techniques have advanced over the centuries, many techniques have remained very similar to thousands of years ago, such as Shiatsu, a Japanese technique.

If you have decided to make it your profession, it is a very good choice, because more and more people go to massage regularly. It is necessary for all programmers and others who sit constantly in order to solve problems with the back and other parts of the body. But you’re wondering how to get started and what it takes to become an LMT. As it is a type of therapy, you can just decide to do it. It is necessary to pass an exam called MBLEx which stands for Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination. More about MBLEx and importance of it for new LMT’s you can read below.

What is MBLEx?

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There are a growing number of professions which require a nationally recognized exam, so some of them are fitness, acupuncture, massage and many other things. Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination is recognized in 44 states in the USA and when you pass it, you can get a license to work in each of them. Once you pass the exam you become a Licensed Massage Therapist or LMT. There are a few more nationally recognized exams but none even come close to having an MBLEx reputation. To pass, you must answer a large percentage of 100 multiple-choice questions. Those questions will cover everything important for the future practice of this profession. The exam takes place in a testing center, so you can’t take it from home, although you do it via a computer.

How to prepare for it?

As with preparing for any exam, it is important that you learn and be diligent. We can tell you that the material for the MBLEx exam is not very difficult. What most future LMT’s find difficult is that the volume of content is very large and consists primarily of anatomy that is definitely not simple. You have to study hard but if you stick to only the official course material it is very possible you will not pass from the first try, because the volume is too big. There is so much to learn, and it probably won’t even be on the exam so you don’t know what to prioritize. To save time and learn as well as possible, we advise you to use specialized sites like mblex.org which will provide you with a comprehensive MBLEx study guide. In our experience, there is no better way to prepare than to use study guides. That is because the official course material is not well optimized and will take you too much time.

Pass rate

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It’s much more important to focus on learning everything that makes this exam so important, but it’s not bad to keep in mind a pass rate so not to forget to be serious about learning. The pass rate is about 70 percent according to available data. What is a curious fact is that less than half of those who failed the first time, pass the second time when they took the exam. So by no means take for granted that you will pass from the second time if you failed the first time.

Why the MBLEx exam is so important for new LMT’s?

We will tell you what are the main reasons why it is so important. You have to understand that it is important to remember everything you learn, and not just obtain licenses and start working. That is because otherwise you will not have clients, and for LMT number of clients is the only true indicator of quality.

1. Knowledge of anatomy and physiology

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Human anatomy represents the basic knowledge that every medical student, fitness trainer and future LMT have to know. It must be learned in detail and extensively in order to properly stimulate the human body with massage. You don’t have to know the anatomy of the brain and heart in detail as a doctor, but you have to know the anatomy of the skeleton and muscles as the best orthopedist. You will also need to know the anatomy of the lymphatic, nervous and many other systems. Otherwise, you will not be a successful masseur, you may even hurt someone. MBLEx course material focuses on various systems of the human body, then on tissue injury and repair and everything else that you will need to work successfully. Understand that everything you learn here you need to know in the future, not just until the exam passes.

2. Kinesiology

The next area you need to know to be an LMT, and MBLEx exam material covers is kinesiology. It is the science of movement and is considered an alternative way of healing. It is primarily used for muscle and nerve problems, but even for emotional problems. Since people mostly come to the massage because of muscle and nerve problems, you have to become familiar with the principles of kinesiology.

3. Knowledge of pathology

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To know how to solve the problem, you must first know about the disease itself, and for that you need to study the pathology. MBLEx will help you learn an overview, then learn about special populations that you need to approach in a special way when they are your clients and much more.

4. You will learn to assess the client

To be able to help a client in the right way, you must first know how to do an assessment. This way you will gather all the information about his health, both by talking to him and by palpation assessment. All this will help you make the right plan.

5. You will become familiar with laws and regulations

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As important as it is to learn everything about massage while preparing for MBLEx, you will also learn the laws and regulations. Since you come into direct contact with the client’s body here, it is always the source of the potential problem. You can be accused of misconduct and violations of code of ethics, which would lead to loss of license. So learn all the laws and regulations, as well as where to set boundaries.


MBLEx is a must for any future LMT in the USA. But even if you live outside the USA and MBLEx is not mandatory for you, we definitely advise you to pass it, because you will learn so much.