5 Tips for Letting Your Friends Know About Your Auto Accident Without Being a Jerk

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Unexpected events like an auto accident can be traumatizing. Knowing that one may have to live with scars or specific disabilities is never an easy fact to accept. Also, coming close to death can make or break a person.

Thus, you will need a solid support system behind you, so that such a sad event will not be a lonely and grueling one.

Your friends, family, and car accident lawyer will see you through it if you are willing to accept their help. They are the best support system you can get in such hard times. Hence you do not have to play the “hard guy” or the “I can take care of myself” role to make them feel you don’t need them.

In other words, telling them is vital because their help will depend on how you tell them about the accident. The same applies to your reaction toward them. So you do not want to act rude shouting orders at everyone.

The reason is that no matter how your friends want to be nice and supportive to you, they have feelings. Also, no one will love to feel insulted.

So this post will show you some tips for relaying the message to your loved ones. So stick around!

1. Speak to the Professional–a Doctor, Car Accident Lawyer, and the Police

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When an auto accident happens, it is natural to want to reach out to loved ones and tell them what is happening. But it is not always advisable because they may not be close by, and telling them will only make them worried and tense.

Also, you may not be in the right frame of mind while passing the message, which could cause more fear. Hence, the best option is to first speak to a professional. These professionals should include medical personnel, car accident lawyers, and the police.

Speaking to medical personnel such as a doctor or a nurse could save your life which is the most important. Also, they are the best people to tell your family and friends the news without agitating or scaring them.

Next on the call list is a personal injury lawyer. The personal injury lawyer can guide you on the dos and don’ts of a car accident, especially when there is a legal case. They can represent you and give you a good chance at winning with all the best legal options. They also guide you on how to talk with the police.

Finally, talk to the police, but while talking to them, do not admit to any fault or try to apologize. Instead, give the police only the necessary information. Besides, ensure that only your car accident lawyer follows up on the case, so you do not implicate yourself.

2. Be Calm Enough and Ready to Speak

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Before passing the message of your car accident to your friends, ensure you are calm and in the right frame of mind. This is vital because you may get irritated when such an odd event happens.

Even when your friends do not mean any harm with their comments or actions, you may be quick to find fault. Thus, be sure you are calm enough to speak to them properly. Also, do not be in a hurry to tell your story to your friends.

If you are not mentally and physically ready to say what you went through, by all means, take your time. Besides, as friends, they will understand that you just came out of a traumatic experience and need time to get over it. So take your time to recover.

3. Speak to Them Based on Their Maturity Level

We all have that friend that makes a joke out of everything. They are very useful, especially when it comes to lightening the mood, but sometimes they could turn out to be annoying and insensitive.

So, avoid speaking to them immediately, so that you do not get irritated by their insensitivity.

Speak to friends and family who can understand the seriousness of the matter and can act accordingly.

Break the news to others slowly so that you can handle their responses without irritation and annoyance.

4. Criticize Ideas, Not the Person

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Your friends are bound to give you ideas when you are facing any form of mishap. Of course, taking or leaving those ideas is your choice, but how you pass that information is what matters.

In the case of an auto accident, everyone will have an opinion of who the best doctors or lawyers are, irrespective of what you have to say or do. Thus, if the ideas do not sit well with you, do not be rude or shut everybody up. Instead, speak politely, ruling out the ideas and giving reasons why you are not taking their solution.

In this way, they will not feel stupid for giving you a suggestion; rather, they will feel respected and heard.

5. Listen to Advice but Do Your Research

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You just came out of an auto accident. And, it is normal for everyone around you to want to give their assistance, show they care, and ensure everything about you is fine.

However, it is utterly rude to reject kind gestures with sharp and inconsiderate responses. No matter how strong you feel, you may not be able to handle everything, especially when you have physical injuries.

Bluntly turning down their offers imply that they are irrelevant and not helpful to you. Let your friends come around and do what they can for you. Take inputs from your well-wishers.

And once you have listened to all they have to offer, now do your research to find the best option for you.

For instance, it could be for finding the best personal injury lawyer to help you with your case legally. Know what your friends have to suggest. Then research the lawyer or a law firm and speak with the car accident lawyer directly to find the best match for you.

Bottom Line

Accidents are not events we plan for, but they inevitably happen. What makes it easier are the people we have around us. Your friends, family, colleagues, and every other person that connects with you are there to help you through tough times.

Therefore, be grateful when they come around and follow these steps above to ensure that ties between you all will not rip apart during an auto accident.