Lap Pools Can Be Sexy Too


When we think of a pool design in our backyard, we immediately imagine a beautiful Haven pool that will draw your guests with its beautiful curved steps and a seated area to bond. Or the classic Roman pools that come with arches and curves all composed in a rectangular design immediately make your backyard pop, or even an L pool, also called the lazy pool.

But not many people imagine having a lap pool in their backyard. The reasons behind why it is highly unimaginable to have a pool in one’s backyard could vary, one being due to the lack of space that the backyard may have or even the heavy amounts of efforts that are required to construct one. But in complete honesty, having one is the perfect aesthetic addition anyone can have to their beautiful homes.

According to  it is a good option if you have limited space in your backyard and still want a pool. To top it all off, it is a great option for swimming enthusiasts. The pools are not mediocre and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit the different spaces and sizes everyone’s backyard has.

The lap pools come in a long linear design, a perfect spot to put in your cardio exercise while still leaving you with extra room in the backyard as an entertainment spot. These prove to be just the perfect choice for one to exercise in during the summers.

Lap pools can be sexy with these simple six creative tips


A lap pool can offer you a list of benefits, from swimming to improving your health and fitness level; you could use it as a good spot to keep your guests entertained and a great area for some family watersports fun. So now a big question for those who own lap pools as well as for those who wish to purchase one real soon is how can you make your lap pool sexy? Read on to find out multiple solutions to this question.

Start working on bettering your lap pool by incorporating a heating system


You can easily utilize your pool no matter the season when you have this installed. This also means that this can be a spot used for recreation throughout the year. This would include it being a favorite spot for your family and friends to unwind, even during the cold months where most of us are restricted to indoor activities. You will be offering something different for the cold months and be able to step out of your mundane indoor activities that you have been doing every winter.

Music lightens everyone’s mood so incorporate some music with your pool’s setup. This is one of the easiest ways to make your backyard space pop. And on a lighter note, you can’t go wrong with it cause who doesn’t like music? The music blasted would not only make your pool parties more fun but would also help keep you boosted and motivated every time you try out a butterfly stroke or just regularly swim lap after lap in your pool.

Explore the accessories that are available in the world of pools. The number of accessories that pools have, keep growing by the day. Look up an online website or your nearest store to enlighten yourself with all the latest accessories that have been introduced to the market.

Consider getting some nice colorful lighting for your pool as these can be used to create the mood, and also can be connected to your music surround systems. The collaborative efforts of these two would enable the lights to change to the rhythm of the music. How fascinating is that cause yes, we are mind blown already!

Have you ever heard of fire bowls?


Though most of them nowadays are being used as an aesthetic replacement of a fireplace indoors, this has been used outdoors by pools for quite some time now. Placing a fire bowl by the corner of the pool not only keeps everyone in and out of the pool cozy and warm but also comes along with another purpose.

Yes, it indeed is a multipurpose accessory. It provides light to the pool in case your hangouts or parties extend late into the night. Not just that, sometimes it also fits as the perfect BBQ stand to grill your juicy steaks on. Now that is something you must add to your shopping list in case you have a pool in your residence.

Consider going extra with your pool. Then do not hesitate on taking that decision all the way. And when we say all the way, yes we mean to invest in creating the perfect infinity pool!

Like any other pool, you can bring out your personality in several ways, and the infinity pool is a perfect reflection of not just your personality as well as ways to tone down at the end of the day but also one that does not take too much space. In addition to those great benefits, the pool comes along with cute features you can play around with.

Can lap pools be sexy?


No doubt, it can be sexy! You just need to take a small step back, do some research, and be creative with the features available in the market. And being creative and bringing out the pool’s true potential does not necessarily mean creating a huge burning hole in your wallets. You can incorporate an endless list of budget-friendly items that will immediately make your lap pool pop and make it a sexy feature in your backyard.


Investing in a lap pool may seem like quite a tedious task. But at the end of the day, no one has ever regretted owning one. And if one already owns a lap pool, taking the pool up a notch, though may result in you shedding a few bucks, does eventually pay off with aesthetic bliss along with creating a zone you may find hard to leave.