How Important is a Gaming Mouse For Professionals Esports Gamers


With the expansion of E-sports and with the huge amount of money this relatively new industry brings, it’s no wonder that the overall interest in gaming has significantly increased in the last couple of years. Professionals are well aware of just how tough it is to succeed in this world, but for us, as spectators, all of that may seem like an easy thing to do.

Nevertheless, those who have ever played some video game will confirm that proper equipment can have an immeasurable effect on one person’s performance. Yes, skills and talent, along with many hours spent practicing, are also necessary, of course, but without proper or, to be more precise, adequate equipment, all that would not matter as much.

The importance of gaming equipment


That is why people spend thousands of dollars buying the latest graphics and monitors so that their game wouldn’t suffer. With all those gadgets, some things can easily get overlooked, which is why we must emphasize how even something that many would consider as not that relevant, like high-quality headphones, is of vast importance.

Another thing people often neglect is a mouse, and yeah, some may say that a mouse is not that important, but in reality, a mouse, depending on the type of game itself, perhaps has the most important role in this world. Every professional Esport player will highlight that the mouse size, along with its responsivity, and additional buttons, are of vast importance, especially for a fast-paced video game.

A custom-made mouse means that players can focus solely on their game, and it can be a determinative factor on how some players will perform and whether they or their team will win or lose. In the Esports world, even the smallest mistake can lead to a defeat, and since it is all about the team, not only that if someone makes a mistake that they will probably lose, they will also have to deal with critics from other team members. But that’s more about team chemistry, and we are not here to discuss that, so for doubting Thomases, let’s have a closer look at just how crucial is a gaming mouse for professionals Esports players.

Higher CPS rate


In many Esports games, the higher CPS rate can make a big difference among the players. For those people who are not familiar with the expression CPR rate, it stands for click per second, and it represents the number of clicks that one person can do in only one second. While many think that it is only a matter of practicing and learning, it is not always like that since a good mouse can contribute a lot to the CPS rate.

Practicing can indeed increase the CPS rate, but without a good mouse, it is almost impossible to reach your full potential, as no matter how good you may be, if there is something constantly disturbing you, it will affect your performance. If you want to see how high is your CPS rate, check and see how many clicks you can make in 30 seconds.

Faster response time


When we play some game, in most situations, it is all about our response time, and it makes a difference between losing and winning. When we talk about our response time, it is not enough to mention only the CPS rate, and we need to consider the time needed for any other reaction which requires moving the mouse, so it is not enough only to practice the speed of clicking.

By practicing, we can bring ourselves to perfection, but we all need to keep in mind that it is impossible to reach perfection without the proper equipment. Regular mice, which are perfect for everyday computer usage, are not fast enough and have a slow response time which is not enough for playing some demanding game. Because of that, people who consider playing and competing in any Esports event need to think about buying a professional mouse to help them with that.

Better accuracy


Esports games require perfect accuracy, and it is impossible if the mouse used to play them does not have a good sensor that guarantees frequency and accuracy. Gaming ones are equipped with an excellent sensor that assures every player that the cursor will move to the very spot where it needs to be if they want the best results, and there will not be unpleasant surprises.

Regular mice can be slow, and it can sometimes be hard to make some precise move with them, and when it comes to some serious ones, that usually means losing. Besides perfect accuracy, these mice provide great frequency, which is another crucial thing when it comes to Esports games.

Better comfort


Both types of mice, office and gaming ones, can be found in different shapes and colors, which makes choosing the perfect one even harder. When it comes to the regular mice, many people pick the one with an interesting shape or their favorite color, but when it comes to the gaming ones, comfort is crucial.

It needs to provide absolute support to the player’s hand to prevent stiffness and pain after a few hours of constant playing. Because of that, gaming mice have a special design, and unlike the regular ones, they can make playing more pleasant and efficient, which is probably the most important thing for professionals.

Final thoughts

Now, you have a much better insight into how a gaming mouse can be essential for professionals Esports gamers, and you understand much better how difficult it actually is to succeed in this world and make a name for yourself.

With a vast global audience and fans, this industry seeks new players, new idols, and legends, and if you think that today’s competition is fierce, just wait for a year or two, when new players, who have been practicing whole their life come to the stage. That’s why practice is everything, and just like in every other work or sport, those who practice the most have the best chances to become a new gaming hero.