How Do Vacuum Lifting Robots Work?


When we talk about robots, everyone’s first association is probably the famous movie “Terminator” with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lead role or some very advanced Japanese robot playing football. But long gone are the days when robots were science fiction. Now they are all around us, we are not even aware of how often they are used and in which industries. The glazing industry is certainly one of the industries that has experienced significant improvements in its way of working due to advances in robotics. But of course it is not the only one, but the use of vacuum lifting robots has even found its application in the food industry. So it is clear to you that they are all around us.

For example, if you have recently changed windows, it is very possible that one vacuum lifting robot was near you. Whatever industry they are used in, they have a significant purpose, primarily because now workers don’t have to do every task manually, they are very precise, and safety at work has also been significantly improved. What you are probably interested in is to find out exactly how they work. We will therefore explain how they work, also tell you how they are used in different industries, and we will give you a few tips on how to choose one, if you need it.

How they look like?


If you’ve ever seen them, they probably looked to you like a small version of different multifunctional loaders and the primary difference is that they don’t have a seat and we don’t operate them that way. They are generally smaller, to be compact because they will often need to work in a very cramped space. What varies the most between these robots is how suction cups are positioned and how many suctions cups there are. Understanding the operation of suction cups is the most important thing to understand how they work.

How they work?


Suctions cups are most often made of rubber, so they can work with fragile materials such as glass. While they may look small, don’t let that fool you, they can also lift a weight of a few hundred pounds. Suction cups work with a help of vacuum pump. When you put  the suction cups against the object you want to lift, the vacuum pump then pumps away air from under the cup, because it is necessary that the pressure under the cup is reduced compared to outside pressure. This leads to a pressure difference between under the cup and outside and it is this pressure difference that holds the object. Since the pressure is the same on all sides, the object is firmly attached. The stronger the vacuum, the more energy is consumed and the faster the robot wears out. So it is better to have as many suction cups as possible, in order to distribute the pressure better and consume less energy.

Suction cups are attached to the rest of the robot via an arm, which you control. Most often they are controlled with a joystick, in order to have a safe distance. And also the joystick gives you maximum precision in use. It doesn’t take a lot of training to know how to use them, because it’s generally very simple. Another thing you need to know is the difference in whether they use a battery or a hydraulic system to lift objects. Those that use a battery are faster and lighter, but can lift less load, while the hydraulic ones are extremely strong but very robust and this can be a problem in certain situations.

Use in various industries


Glazing industry

People who work in the glazing industry have felt the most benefits since they have vacuum lifting robots at their disposal. First of all, security is maximally improved. As you know, glass can cause extremely serious injuries, even life-threatening. That is why it was very difficult to move and install glass because it required the greatest possible concentration, and if it is very difficult, it could certainly lead to disaster.

With the help of these robots, all it takes is a remote controller and the robot will do most of the work why you just control it. They will install a window with millimeter precision, which is also a great advantage because it is very difficult for people to do something so precisely while holding a huge weight. They can carry hundreds of kilograms, and according to the Central Platform Services, how are experts in this field, they can lift and carry even up to a ton of glass. It is no longer necessary for so many people to work on the installation of windows, but only a few are enough. So it is a very cost-effective option, very safe and the most precise. When you read all this, you are certainly not surprised that vacuum lifting robots are one of the most important inventions ever for the glazing industry.

Food industry

It may not make sense to you that it is most used in such two different industries, but it certainly has great application in the food industry. And the reasons are many. Above all, the improvement of cleanliness and thus food safety. Any possibility of reducing contact between man and food is very good. Although vacuum lifting robots generally work with packaged food, it can also be contaminated in a variety of ways. But with the help of suction cups, the robot will be the only one touching the food. It is very easy to clean the robot, and it is also easy to replace suction cups, so this will ensure that everything is always very clean. Of course, it is also used for all other benefits, as well as in the glazing industry. It can lift heavy weights and precisely position it in the warehouse or wherever it is needed.



We hope that we have managed to explain to you as well as possible how vacuum lifting robots work. We have tried to use the simplest possible terminology, so we believe that you now know exactly how this fantastic invention works.