How to Write a Persuasive Speech? A Guide From Paper Writing Service


This is a rather common type of assignment in college and university. It is used to test students’ knowledge and critical thinking, help them develop their unique voices, and teach them vital skills. Nevertheless, many young people are struggling a lot, even with regular essays, not to mention speeches that need to be even sharper and more persuasive.

When assigned to handle this kind of task, many young people feel helpless and have no clue how to handle it right. Indeed, crafting a good piece isn’t easy. But it’s also not as hard as you might think.

In this article, an expert academic writer from a trusted paper writer service will give you a step-by-step guide to writing a brilliant speech. Let’s dive in!


What Is a Persuasive Speech?

A persuasive speech is a written text for an oral presentation, written with the intention of persuading the audience of something. Typically, it will focus on a specific topic, educate the audience on it, and then present the author’s point of view on this topic in such a way that the audience believes it’s true and takes the desired action (if needed).

Typically, such assignments can be given to students of colleges and universities as a part of their knowledge and skills assessment. If you are wondering if there is an easy way to handle the task, there is one option. You can delegate this matter to a professional paper writing service in order to reduce the load, get it done with literally no effort, and ensure the highest grade. This is a perfect option if you lack knowledge on the given topic, don’t have enough time to complete the task, or just don’t know how to write an effective text.

Effective Speech Writing: 6 Expert Tips From a Paper Writing Service

When you are new to this matter, getting started with speech writing can be somewhat tough. But the truth is that you just need to define the right direction to follow.

Below you will find a list of handy tips from qualified authors from a reliable paper writing service:

Write Like You Talk

One of the most common mistakes students make in such assignments is approaching them as other types of academic papers. The truth is that even a speech for college is created for an oral presentation. Simply put, it is a text that you should be able to use for oral performance. And thus, it should sound much more conversation-like than any other academic paper.

In order to achieve this goal, write exactly like you talk. Use short sentences and avoid lengthy, awkward constructions. Also, use more conversational language.


Focus on Storytelling

Typically, most academic papers focus on telling plain facts and arguments. They don’t use any stories or transitions to make them engaging. A speech, since it’s meant to be spoken, has to tell a story rather than state bare facts. It has to captivate the audience from the first words and keep them engaged all along the way.

Therefore, when creating yours, choose a story that reflects the primary topic of your performance and use it to make your listeners interested. A good story can be even more powerful than even the most valid and strong facts.

Structure It Well

Although speeches are much different than any type of academic paper, they still need to have a solid structure. The primary purpose of structuring your piece well is to ensure that your audience will be able to follow along easily when you perform. So make sure that your story and every argument are very logical, clear, and structured well.


Keep It Short

When you are assigned to write a speech, you will likely be given a specific amount of time to perform it in class. Usually, it will be under 10 minutes. So being concise is very crucial. When working on your assignment, try to cut down on all unnecessary words and remove redundancy. Look at some of the most brilliant performances in history – they all are very concise yet powerful.

Say Something Meaningful

Regardless of the given topic, the ultimate goal of your speech is not to simply talk for a given amount of time but to say something truly meaningful. In fact, this is one of the main keys to a successful, persuasive performance.

Be sure to clearly define the main purpose of your writing and keep it in mind both when completing the task and when performing it. Center your entire focus on this purpose in order to achieve the best results.

Read It Aloud

Finally, there is one last tip we’d like to give you on this matter. Regardless of your assignment type or topic, always be sure to read your speech aloud after you finish writing it.

There are a few things to pay attention to when reading your speech aloud. First of all, you want to ensure that it sounds natural and conversation-like. Secondly, you want to ensure that it’s logical and easy to follow. Finally, if you have time limitations, reading your final draft aloud will help you see if your performance fits into that limit.

The Bottom Line

Writing is an important but rather complex skill to acquire. It requires talent, dedication, and attention to detail in order to handle it well. But one thing that might be even harder than regular writing is writing persuasive speeches.

Luckily, now you have an actionable plan and expert tips that should set you on the right track. Use this guide as a tool for crafting compelling speeches for college without a hassle. And if you still feel like you can’t cope with it on your own, don’t forget that there is always a trusted paper writing service that you can rely on in any situation!