How to Earn Money on Video Games – 5 Simple Ways


The world of video games is prospering these days. According to the research, its turnover reached more than 150 billion dollars in 2022. It will keep growing and expanding in the near future. More than 70% of young people have at least one gaming console.

Whether it is a zombie shooter or a military mission on the Internet, video games provide you with a chance to get away from everyday life. One thing is true – people are ready to spend lots of money and time searching for a new gaming experience.

Let’s see how you can earn money with video games. There are at least 5 ways to reach financial benefits from your hobby.

Start a Gaming Blog


The creation of a gaming blog can be a smart way to engage the audience. The obtained revenue will depend on blog attendance. Make sure to deliver demanded and high-quality content, which will attract investors and gaming companies. You are free to cover the overall news from the gaming world. But you can also keep your blog devoted to a specific topic:

  • Reviewing video games
  • Testing gaming equipment (keyboards, mice, gaming chairs, video cards, etc.)
  • Doing live streams for esports tournaments

Once your blog gets some public attention, you will become more attractive to potential sponsors. They might post some ads on your site. You may also start selling some products for gamers. The opportunities are quite diverse.

YouTube or Twitch gaming channel


You can start creating interesting content for other players by registering a channel on YouTube or Twitch. By doing live streams, you can give your opinions, make predictions, and make reviews. Being an experienced gamer, you can share any gaming stuff that might be interesting to others. When your channel starts gaining more and more subscribers, you can add ads and start earning money. The growing number of views starts bringing bigger revenues.

Try Your Luck with Esports Betting

Esports competitions can be a nice way to earn money by playing games. However, you should remember that bettors spend a lot of time and strength on practice to get the necessary skill. In this case, it is worth paying attention to niche games and reliable bookmakers like In this case, you will have a large prize pool to fight for. A few million dollars can be up for grabs in large rating tournaments in video games like Dota 2, CS:GO, LoL, Overwatch, Fortnite, and so on.

Participating in esports tournaments brings opportunities for cooperation with sponsors. The better performance you have, the more sponsors you will be able to attract. But you shouldn’t jump into the very first offer on your way.

Try Yourself as a Game Developer or Tester


A video game developer or tester is the next step in the gaming world. You can’t learn how to do this job in one day. It takes time and effort to master the knowledge and develop the professional skill. Once you succeed in this, you will be able to develop gaming software and/or test video games on a professional level.

Some companies require certain technical knowledge from their testers, others just want gamers to play a beta version of games. If you already know how to work with graphics or you are familiar with the in-game mechanics of games, you probably already consider a career as a video game developer. No need to mention the salaries received by these specialists.

Join Gaming Technical Support


Do you know how to start the game or reach the next level? Can you explain it to others? Communicative and technical skills can help you find a good job in the technical support department. Building a career in this sphere can help you receive a solid salary. What’s good is that you will be able to do what you like. But you should remember great responsibility on your shoulders.

Earning money in the video game industry is a great opportunity. Real people who like video games make a solid amount of money in a short time. You can be one of them.

Are you familiar with video games? Or are you about to start your way into the industry? You will have more than enough options to benefit from, financially, psychologically, and personally. Just make sure to choose a game wisely and have good-quality equipment.