The Smart Choice: Invest in Professional Parking Lot Paving Contractor – 2023 Guide


Paved parking lots are essential for both commercial and residential properties, and they can be the difference between customers wanting to visit a business or tenants wishing to live in a building and them not doing so.

The paving should be done to the highest standards to ensure it achieves its aims, has longevity, and is a good investment for the business or property owner.

While you might be tempted to do some DIY paving work yourself, there are legitimate reasons why you should always hire a contractor.

Use of High-quality Materials


A parking lot is a significant investment for any residential or commercial property owner. For this reason, it should last for decades, with typical parking lots lasting upwards of 20 years. However, that only happens if the contractor uses the right materials when paving the parking lot.

High-quality materials ensure durability, usability, and conformity to the designs the clients want without compromise.

Low-quality materials mean the parking lot will start breaking down sooner than expected, leading to the owner doing regular maintenance and repairs or replacing it before it is due to be replaced.

Experienced parking lot paving contractors already have a vast network of suppliers whose products they know are of the highest quality and which they use to ensure the best results.

Experience and Expertise

A professional parking lot paving contractor has vast experience working on projects similar to yours. They understand the requirements and can assess the challenges they might encounter even before they begin the work.

Experienced parking lot contractors also assess the unique needs of every project they work on and are thus able to provide customized solutions for each of their customers. For example, they might recommend that you go with concrete parking lot paving over asphalt due to the many advantages the former has over the latter.

A company like K&E Flatwork Concrete Parking Lot Paving provides surfaces that are more durable and last much longer than asphalt. Concrete is resistant to extreme temperatures and comes in lots of designs to suit different commercial and residential properties.

Expertise and knowledge allow for better planning, leading to better outcomes, faster completion times, and fewer mistakes that might necessitate an increase in the time to complete and project budgets.

Proper Equipment and Techniques


The use of proper equipment when paving a parking lot cannot be overstated. You need a solid base to carry the weight of vehicles passing over it or parked on it before the contractor finishes it with the top asphalt or concrete layer we all know.

Contractors who use the right equipment minimize damage to surrounding areas and structures, especially pavements that can be damaged by ongoing work. It also ensures better results and a safe working environment for everyone working on the project.

Professional contractors also follow the latest standards in parking lot paving since new standards are always being developed to ensure the best results for residential and commercial property owners.

Licensing and Insurance

Licensing increases the chances of you hiring a contractor who is experienced in what they do, in this case, a parking lot paving contractor. You know they have the knowledge to do a great job and the background to show this.

Licenses are very important for any contractor as they protect you from liabilities when a contractor works on your parking lot. If the contractor has workers’ compensation insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that it will take care of any injuries sustained by the workers on your property.

The contractor’s general liability insurance also protects you from expensive repairs, such as when the contractor hits a sewer line or severs an internet connection when laying the foundation for the parking lot.

Lastly, licensed and insured professionals require contracts before they do anything, as they need them as part of their documentation. These contracts protect anyone involved, reduce misunderstandings, and even help build better relationships that property owners can leverage.

Customer Service


Sometimes a property owner has a question or would like clarification. They should be able to reach their contractor and have any questions or issues resolved. Professional parking lot paving companies have customer service representatives to help and provide their contact information if you need to

Working with a professional who knows what they are doing is always best for a significant investment such as having your parking lot paved.

You will get a much better result, have a much better experience, and even be protected from any incidents that occur while the work is going on.