5 Tips You Should Know to Get Your Instagram Page Flourishing in 2023: A Guide for Newcomers

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Today nobody has any questions about a possibility to sell or promote something on Instagram – this is a perfect platform that gives away tons of possibilities and generally has all the needed tools provided for free. Anyone can come and find their audience here, spread a word about their products or services and create themselves a decent fan base – all that is needed are some knowledge about the process of promotion, some creativity, time and effort put in.

This article was created to help with the first part of it, with the promotion of a page – we will give novices 5 helpful tips on what they should do to get their IG pages thriving in 2023. It is not that hard, but takes some understanding and yes, some investment; if you’re digging for the options that are going to get you worldwide popular for free, we’d recommend leaving those illusions behind right now. Paid service that we’re going to talk about Viplikes – doesn’t cost much, but gives so much boost at the beginning of the process, that it is definitely worth the case.

Where to begin

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The first methods that you should take a hold on are hashtagging and geotagging. Both of those can get you real far when used correctly: for example, if you’d be putting up to 30 tags under each post, your page is going to be perceived as the fake and definitely not helpful one, but if you’d specialize your tags and collect them the right way, your posts are definitely going to be perceived as the ones that deserve people’s attention. Try to be in the mentality of your potential readers and clients: what words would they use to describe something that you put forward? Use them and try to make them as specific as possible.

What to do next

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When the base is ready, you can proceed to the next thing, which is promotion at its first stage. And the best thing for it would be to buy real Instagram followers, the ones that are going to either increase the number of your subs and improve the statistics, making algorithms see that your page has lots of new interactions with the real pages of other users.

The most important word here is “real” – you have to purchase exclusively genuine followers, who are people with filled in bios and pages, and not fakes and bots for sure. If you’d use them, you can get into a very unpleasant situation where your page is going to get into the shadow ban and not be shown to any real people ever again. Instagram’s algorithms try to filter fakes as thoroughly as they can, so don’t be surprised if after buying an indecent service your page is going to get worse. Check services out very carefully before paying anybody your money!

What to finish with

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When all of the previous stages are set and done, you can do the final ones – paid PR and targeted ads. The first one is buying an ad from a blogger who can tell you about you in their stories or posts, and the second one is setting a targeted ad on Instagram itself. Both are very helpful, but only if used at the very end of the promo.