10 Reasons Why Destiny 2 Is Better Than Destiny 1

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Comparing two games where one of them has inherited the other can be pretty hard. However, even though we are expecting everything to be better, there were some cases where they have ruined the second part completely. 

The first game has taken over the hearts of many players, and many people love her because of that. When the second game came out, there were high expectations, and the opinions are conflicting.

However, because the developers are pretty close with the people enjoying the game, many of the things that you would’ve found odd or annoying are now removed. So, you can expect improvement. 

To show the differences between the two of them, we have made this article. Here, you will have the chance to see some of the reasons why we think that destiny 2 is better than the original one. 

You can get to resources faster

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To max out your items in the previous game you had to go through hell to get some necessary resources. Not only that, but even when you get close to them, it was hard to notice where they are exactly. 

Now, instead of going through all of that, you can notice them quickly because of their glowing effect. In addition, they are not as important as they were because they are not offering that high of a power-up.

You can still use them to upgrade certain things, but you don’t have to go out your way in looking for them. If you find them somewhere, take them, it is that simple.

Having a chance to progress without spending too much time 

When you come in a situation where you don’t have time to spend behind the monitor, you can still progress. How? Well, thanks to the abundance of boosting services for Destiny 2, in comparison to Destiny 1, it’s really easy.

Boosting services can help you get new gear, weapons, finish quests and greatly increase your power level as suggested by destiny2-sherpa.com.

You don’t need to collect experience for your items

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Previously you had to spend a lot of time and money to be able to make a weapon stronger. If you have played the previous game, you know the situations where you do everything just to get a better level on a bad gun. 

In Destiny 2, the guns come at the highest level already, so you can just equip them, and do your thing.

You don’t need to waste time in space

Before you switch from one mission to another, you had to visit the orbit. This means that you are basically just sitting in front of your monitor and not doing anything. All the time you have wasted there could’ve been used it doing other things in the game, and having more fun, 

In the sequel, there is no such thing. All you have to do is choose where do you want to go next, or what do you want to do, and the game loads you there.

It has better effects when you are getting spawned

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If you have played the previous game, you know how nothing happened when you were getting to a new place, or when an enemy loaded up. Being bland is something that makes things boring, so they have come to a solution where they put in glowing effect when you are getting spawned to a new place.

Better managed nonplayer characters 

The characters are now more interesting not only because of the game communication, which makes the story better, but they also take place in certain missions. 

Previously, these characters were static, and the conversation was bland and programmed which became boring at someplace. The gifts and that they give were also occasions where sometimes they were good, and sometimes not worth enough.

The heroes are made better 

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When you start the game, you will have to decide on what type of hero you like to play. There are three major options, with additional sub-options from every group. That gives you a chance to pick whatever you like depending on your style. They have balanced all of the heroes, so picking whatever you like should do it for now. You can always create another hero and play like that.

Added additional missions

To get exposed to more experience, so you can get your levels faster and also earn money, there are different missions every day and week. They can be found easily, and they are increasing the playing experience, making the game more interesting.

A chance to explore the map better

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Instead of being trapped in a place where you have to finish everything, and that is the part of the gameplay, you now have the option to explore the maps freely, not being obliged to finish anything.

Not that you will be able to relax and drive around, but you can learn more about the place as well. To get to the missions, you have to get to the correct location and that is where the quick conveyance comes in handy.

Every destination has a different non-player character that is responsible for the offerings. When you finish your obligations there, you will be rewarded accordingly. Because of how are things made and everything has its own place, the game has become more interesting with more things to do.

The rewarding system works better 

For everything that you finish, you are getting something in return. Whether that is equipment or better guns it is still something. Especially when you become better with a higher level, the matches bring better things for you. 

Previously, there was a chance that something drops, and even though you did everything to win, the prize can fall at the person who did nothing and be basically holding you down. Now everything gets something, and even though you might not need the items that fall, the points can be collected for other benefits.