Advantages of Using Cryptocurrencies in The Sports Industry


Cryptocurrencies have been the buzz of the town regarding monetary transactions for a few years now. Everything you could only do before with cold hard cash or bank credit now you could do with cryptocurrencies. After seeing the massive impact that cryptocurrencies have had on everyday lives it’s no wonder why the sports industry is warming up more and more to the idea of using cryptocurrencies as a top option for money transactions.

Seeing how companies like that offer NFL betting alternatives are also starting to jump into the crypto craze, it has become apparent that this new monetary option is here to stay.

So what are the advantages that sports fans around can find in using cryptocurrencies as their go to money option? And will cryptocurrencies one day hold the grip of the way all monetary transactions are done in pro sports? More information find at Betus.

The Versatility of Cryptocurrencies in Pro Sports


Cryptocurrencies have become the new form of monetary exchange for everyday usage and the sports industry has already started taking to it as the new “it” thing in the market. While at first this option was not seen as strong as it is now, teams from around the league, especially in the NBA and NFL have already taken cryptocurrencies as their new option for payment. Players are not shying away from dealing their professional contracts with this kind of money.

A perfect example of this is rookie Jaguars QB Trevor Lawrence. After signing his first professional deal in the NFL he decided to take his guaranteed sum of money from the contract and invest it in cryptocurrencies from the start. Seeing the value of what an investment like this can offer going into the future is becoming a very attractive factor for players to dive into when thinking about making safe investments with the money they win.

Apart from Lawrence, players like Russell Okung and Sean Culkin have gone on to convert their salaries into cryptocurrencies. Teams like the NFL’s New York Giants and NBA’s Sacramento Kings have gone as far as to say they will start offering players the option of getting their salaries in cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies in the World of Soccer, The Biggest Sport In The World


This trend of using cryptocurrencies in the world of sports when regarding the payments of contracts, endorsement deals and others has also made its presence felt in the world’s most popular sport, soccer.

From buying stakes of clubs, to crypto companies becoming official sponsors of teams, the rise of cryptocurrencies in the world’s most popular team sport is on a constant rise that does not look like it will stop any time soon. The relationship between soccer and cryptos began in 2018 when the crypto venture company Quatocoin bought a 25% stake in Italian soccer club Rimini FC 1912.

The famous online crypto trading platform StormGain has even served as Premier League’s Newcastle United sleeve sponsor. Last but not least official purchasing of footballers from one team to another has been done through the use of cryptocurrencies.

A New Form Of Payment For Sporting Events


With last and this year having the sports industry truly stop their ways and rethink almost if not all of their strategies to compete and succeed in the world, adding a new form of payment for their events has now become an option. Now fans are able to pay for tickets, as well as in stadium offerings with cryptocurrencies to avoid the usage of physical or plastic money.

With health and safety regulations at the strictest point ever, keeping fans and team personnel safe is a must. One way in which both fans and sporting teams have benefitted from using this new alternative money option is the fact that now both teams and fans can ensure a safe, legal and legitimate source of transactions between both parties.

Through the usage of this new currency the days of selling unauthorized merchandise or counterfeited tickets to events are diminishing by offering both sides of the dealings more secure and transparent market options and actions. Some of the major sporting leagues in the world such as the NFL and NBA in the US and FIFA and UEFA, both the main head of soccer and the European head of soccer have welcomed the idea of using cryptocurrencies for the purchasing of official tickets to their events as well as merchandise.

Sports Betting Using Cryptocurrencies? Sure Thing!


Sports betting platforms around the world have also seen the impact this new currency alternative is offering fans all over to ensure safe and secure transactions. By offering fans a new, exciting and safe alternative to do their wagering, these companies are quietly jumping on the crypto bandwagon and trying to reel in as many fans as possible. Just like one would bet on sports with regular money, betting with cryptocurrencies is as easy as with any other option.

The only matter to truly take into account when it comes to using cryptocurrencies in activities like such is the currency’s volatility. While one day the value of said e-money can be through the roof, the next day it could be scratching the surface of the floor. On the other hand, the level of privacy handled when dealing with cryptocurrencies is always a plus to take into account when thinking of using this option for wagering purposes.

In the world we’re living in, with all forms of money there will always be pros and cons to using it in an industry like sports betting. But if given the option and after seeing the massive growth the currency has gone through in this side of the sports industry then it should become more of an attractive asset than any other thing.

The security that cryptocurrency usage offers clients as well as the level of privacy managed only helps to make this option much more appealable as time progresses, leaving the old currency options behind in the past alongside the tribulations they may have caused.