How to Create an Awesome Financial Platform


How to become a world-famous financial platform, servicing hundreds of thousand terminals installed around the world per year, as Bloomberg does. A large number of coaches around the world shout that they know the secret. But you and I understand that this is far from being true. Cause the market is a very complex system.

We take the role of an observer in it and evaluate its condition from the outside. So to understand what the price depends on and why, why it falls or goes up, is a difficult task. A man who tries to understand the essence of the market is like a man looking for a needle in a haystack. We need something more productive, and machine analysis is good for that.

This analysis is the most aspect of using different types of data, and modern algorithms can get a lot of the information you need. But to do this thing, you should find a team of quality developers who know their business. That’s why this article focuses on the development of a financial platform and most aspects of selecting a development team to build it.

A Little History


You all probably heard about Bloomberg, one of the leading platforms that deliver financial information to financial markets. So the owner of this platform, instead of retiring, wanted to create his information base so that various Wall Street companies could have constant access to a repository of market data. What was this done? So that all financial transactions, forecasting, and analytics are done through the computer at your desk. What are you waiting for?

The latest technology

How do you start looking for a team to get off to a good start? It is necessary to carefully review the projects, find out what projects these people were involved in. A good solution would be to choose a team based on large working projects when developers have created something large-scale in whole or in part under their control.

Something that has really caught on in today’s realities and is still in demand today, such as Tezos. It’s important to understand that if you want to develop your product on the world market, you have to work with people who are not just working on an order. And act as innovators in this niche. Who is able and willing to create a project worth billions of dollars. It is very well if they have their methods of doing sites, unique options that will satisfy any company.

From state-of-the-art technology to a unique approach. Like for example, Serokell has come up with an algorithm for creating a higher system. With it, you can achieve a balanced, and most importantly working solution. The main thing to always remember is that you can reach heights. The main thing is to start somewhere. Let’s talk about the technologies to take into account, for example.

1. Datafeed


It consists of the total number of deals, as well as information about limit orders. If you have a record of Datafeed, you can reconstruct any information about trades on the exchange at any time. From it, you can get a large number of dependencies affecting the price position.

Usually, we see a two-dimensional diagram, consisting of price and time, but we can also use volume, then the chart will be three-dimensional. It turns out that the more information we use, the more knowledge we get. Simply put, the gold is in every grain of information that many people simply don’t use. Thereby limiting themselves in the analysis and understanding of the market.

2. Blockchain


This option remains one of the most talked-about in the topic of financial markets. You may ask why? Because it makes sending money as easy as possible. It’s also the safest and most secure. Generally speaking, blockchain appeared for the launch of cryptocurrencies. Initially, it was only used to manage them.

However, since its appearance, the scope of application has expanded to an unprecedented scale. At the moment, it is used for all sorts of payments, financial settlements, and anti-fraud. And the most important advantage is that the information will be recorded in a common registry, so any participant of the transaction will be able to see the report in real-time. All of this is needed to create a nice system, we can say that this is the foundation. So pay attention to whether developers provide such services.

Innovative Approach

Putting cryptocurrency and wallets aside, one thing is clear. When you start to create your finances site, you need to think about the further development of the brand. How to apply it in one area or another the key to a successful business project is constant expansion, you need to increase your annual income by at least 15 percent.

But many people either don’t think about it or cannot realize it properly. You need to think big, about a large system, which will bring income from different areas of activity your stores, merch, contracts with media personalities.

That’s why you have to be a mobile company, to find and feel correct what you have to give people. But don’t forget that it depends directly on the platform you started with.

What you can do


And now we want to remember Bloomberg again. After all, this article mentioned where its founder started. Simply by setting up his financial platform. But as the years went by, the company grew stronger and stronger. They bought an entire New York radio station, WNEW, for $13.5 million, and later renamed it their brand.

They introduced more than 22,000 terminals a year, which is where they started doing it. These guys were commissioning 600 terminals a month. They began their news broadcasting on television. They have opened a huge number of offices all over Europe and the world. What if I told you that all these things were made back in the 20th century.

How about that? By the early 2000s, there were about a hundred thousand terminals installed around the world that were in demand. And the company itself was valued at hundreds of billions of dollars. Do you want to develop your field to the same heights? If you are thinking about a similar solution for yourself, you should pay attention to the Serokell team, which employs more than 20 high-class specialists. And also a huge number of really powerful projects under their belt.


There are several difficulties in creating your platform, but there are no insurmountable ones. You need to approach this process wisely, being aware of each action. As you have probably realized, a successful platform in our reality can be called one that has several modern requirements. That is why it is so important to find the team that will help you one hundred percent. It’s up to you how you develop.