Best Cannabis Strains for Managing Pain


Millions of people suffer from chronic pain for most of their lives. Many patients turn to prescription medication for pain relief. That’s usually not a good choice.

Medical marijuana is a much safer and effective option than mainstream medications. Thanks to loosening legislation and wider acceptance, it’s easier to get than ever.

Using medical marijuana requires some research. Information is not as readily available as it is for other medicines. Here are the strains you should consider for pain treatment.



This is a classic strain for pain treatment.

The main thing to consider when choosing a strain for pain management is the chemical makeup. There are two main components of cannabis.

CBD is the compound that contains the most medical benefits.

This is why CBD is popular in oils and other medicinal products. It’s practically impossible to get high using high quality CBD products. That’s because there’s no THC.

THC is the compound in marijuana that makes you high. Regular cannabis strains will have some THC. However, the lower the THC content, the less high you will become.

ACDC only has a THC level of 1%. This makes it ideal for pain treatment.

The CBD level is 12%, which is pretty high.

If you need to treat pain but still need to work, ACDC is the choice for you.



Cannatonic is another CBD heavy hybrid.

The CBD level is 9% and the THC is 4%. You will feel the THC.

This is a very balanced strain because it is 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. Indica and Sativa are the two main families of cannabis strains.

Here is an article from Veriheal breaking down the difference between the two types. Understanding Indica and Sativa is essential when choosing your marijuana strain.

In a nutshell, Indica strains tend to be relaxing and have a higher THC content. Sativa strains are good if you want an energy boost.

There are many subcategories when it comes to Indica and Sativa. Breeders are constantly coming up with new hybrids and varieties. This is great because it allows more options for consumers.

For pain treatment, a high CBD level is desired.

If you already have a high weed tolerance, you’ll need a strain with a higher THC level. Low levels are better for those who aren’t used to cannabis.

Your individual needs and preferences might change over time.

Bubba Kush


There’s a reason Bubba Kush is one of the most popular strains out there.

Most smokers only associate Buba Kush with a nice, relaxing evening. But there’s no reason you can’t use it for pain treatment.

The THC content is pretty high, so it’s not for the inexperienced.

It’s important to keep in mind that THC and CBD contents vary from plant to plant. Cannabis is a natural product. It is not manipulated like modern medicines, so each batch is unique.

Bubba Kush THC levels can vary from 17-25%.

Make sure to check the content before you smoke if you’re sensitive.

Northern Lights


Northern Lights has a THC content of about 18%.

It’s another classic Indica-based strain that is popular for those looking for a relaxing evening. It also contains myrcene, a chemical compound proven to reduce pain.

For the best results, couple cannabis consumption with a pain-relieving activity like meditation. Here’s a guide from Headspace on how to meditate for pain relief.

Cannabis alone will just treat symptoms.

It’s important to understand the root of your pain. Pain is often more psychological than physical.

Meditation will help you discover the causes of your pain.

OG Kush


OG Kush is another popular hybrid.

It’s pretty strong with a THC content of over 20%. It’s good for relieving pain in the short-term, but the CBD content is rather low.

This means that OG Kush is probably a good option if you want to treat pain for an injury. It’s not the best long-term solution.

If you suffer from chronic pain, it’s best to stick with lower THC levels.

Your body will build up a tolerance to THC over time.


There’s no reason why cannabis should not be treated as a valid form of pain treatment. It’s perfectly safe, and it’s extremely effective.