Save Money and Repair: How to Take Better Care Of Electronics for the Future


Electronics make up a huge amount of waste. That waste is also some of the hardest to recycle, and yet, ironically, it contains some of the most important materials that we need to reuse. The best way to care for your electronics in the future is simple: care for them well, repair them as long as you can, and then recycle them properly so that those materials can be reused.

The mining that we are doing to supplement our electronics addiction has cost the environment untold damages. We need to reduce our obsession with the latest piece of tech, go back to the days when you could repair pretty much any part of our devices, and make do. Your computer or phone can last you ages if taken care of properly, especially if you get a model that’s designed to be upgraded piece by piece. After all, if you can keep your old monitor that’s working just fine and upgrade the computer chip, you can get longer-lasting use out of your initial investment.

The right to repair is the future. While not every device can be repaired as easily as you’d hope, some absolutely can and it’s becoming more commonplace as time goes on. Even with these right-to-repair designs, however, you still need to know just exactly how to take care of your belongings and repair them when the time comes – which is where these top tips come in handy:

The Most Frequently Replaced Items


Batteries are the most commonly replaced item, even when they can be recharged. Over time battery life dwindles, and performance drags as a result. That’s why you need to know where you can get a replacement and how you can save when the time comes. For most everyday devices, from your fire alarm to your phone, you can get replacement batteries online. You can even save further by adding a BatteriesPlus coupon to your checkout before you pay.

Like all replacements, however, it’s important to know how to recycle your old pieces. Batteries can be recycled, but they can only be recycled at specialist depots.

Choose Upgradable Designs

There are phones, computers, and everyday electronics that are actively designed to be fully upgradable and repairable. You just need to choose them. Building your own PC may mean having a large, clunky tower, but you can easily add more storage, RAM, cooling power and so on as you need with just a few adjustments. Those large PCs aren’t the size of their components; they’re the size they are so you can get your hands in there.

Take Good Care of Your Pieces


From turning off your electronics when they’re not in use to keeping them clean, there are so many ways that you can take better care of your electronics so that they last longer and remain in top condition with minimal repairs necessary. Yes, things like batteries will start to dwindle after long use. The same can be said for any component, but keeping things in optimal condition and just being respectful of your devices can go a long way towards keeping them in great condition so that you use less and save big.