What Are the Best Online Games for Younger Kids?

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Do you have younger kids that you’re trying to entertain and keep happy? It’s something that parents of young ones constantly struggle with, as it can be hard to keep the littles busy. This is when technology can swoop in and prove to be a huge help. Many online games are not only fun but educational, making them perfect for younger kids. Here’s a look at some of the most popular games out there that you can check out.

Start Them Young with Minecraft

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If you want a game that encourages creative and imaginative play and is free of the questionable language and violence that so many other games are – then Minecraft is a fabulous option. This is a sandbox-style game, which means kids get to build their world and decide how they want to play and exist in the digital world.

Minecraft is a cross-platform game, which means it can be played on just about any device.

This gives them versatility in terms of when they can play and where.

Just a quick note for those with kids under the age of five, there are “zombies” in the game that could frighten kids, so it’s best to take a look first and decide if they would be okay with the characters.

Typetastic – Learn to Type from an Early Age

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Because the world has become so computer-dependent it’s a great idea to teach kids how to type from a young age. Typetastic is meant for kids ages 4-18 and can be played on a web browser or through the Amazon Appstore. This game takes them through the learning process of where to position their hands and fingers, where the letters are, and boosts their speed and confidence. Even though it’s an educational experience, it is set up to feel like a game.

Prodigy Math – Hone Their Math Skills

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Math is essential in terms of learning skills, but it can also be quite difficult to grasp for many kids. The Prodigy Math game takes everyday learning and turns it into a fun online gaming experience. There are always new games, battles, and worlds to explore keeping things fresh, fun, and educational. The game is also personalised and adaptive, meaning it learns their skill level and provides them with appropriate games.

Invest in a New Tablet for the Kids

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If you’ve got kids who want to be able to play online games and you don’t currently have a device that they can use, a kid’s tablet can be the perfect solution. A Lenovo kids tablet is a great example.

When shopping for a kids’ tablet look for one that has a long-lasting battery life, is lightweight, has a large display screen, is durable, and has exceptional audio and visual capabilities. Some even offer kid-friendly features and parental controls.

Just a Small Look

This is just a very small look at the many online games available for young kids. The key is to look for options that manage to strike a balance between fun and educational experiences.