Banking in Serbia: A Safe Haven for Non-Residents


Serbia is a country at the crossroads between the West and the East that has been experiencing an upward business development trend and a steady immigration wave in recent years. No wonder its government is taking an effort to keep the whole thing going by creating a pro-business environment and favorable banking conditions to attract as many people as possible.

If your business interests are concentrated in Europe or you want to minimize expenses on international payments, Serbia is a good choice. You may also need state-of-the-industry banking solutions to deal with your counterparties in the West and in the East, and Serbian banks do have them. Or else – you may be an individual wishing to keep your assets intact in case of turmoil by depositing them safely, and you will also be welcome. Please visit our portal for more detailed information on Serbia bank accounts or help with opening one.

Our clients typically have 3 reasons in mind to register an account in Serbia:

1. Get access to a wide range of global prospects


Serbia is actively attracting investments from different countries with successful economies, which results in the diversification of banking services and opportunities for fruitful international cooperation.

The country has agreements on duty-free trade with the EU and the USA, the Eurasian Economic Union, and the European Free Trade Association.

You will find 30 banks in Serbia that target global markets, and you can benefit from premium-class banking services there at much more affordable fees than in most European banks as Serbia is not yet an EU member.

2. Take advantage of strict confidentiality

Serbia has not signed a CRS agreement yet, which means that it is not subject to automatic information exchange regulations. As a result, you can have more confidential European-quality service at an affordable fee. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

3. Benefit from the focus on your needs


Serbian banks attempt to take into consideration the needs of all their customers, so they can provide the following opportunities, among others:

  • You can open an account without visiting the country: all you need is to provide a power of attorney to a local lawyer. This applies to corporate bank accounts, too!
  • Non-resident companies naturally raise more suspicion than local ones, but there is a good strategy: you can open a branch in Serbia and receive treatment as a local. If that sounds complicated, follow the above link to ask our experts for help.
  • Application requirements are customer-friendly, and the decision is made quickly: you will have a fully operational bank account within 7 days if all the documents are in order.

Is Serbia suitable for everyone? No, it is not – and we say that just because we cannot analyze the needs of eight billion people to confirm this fact. Each client coming to us has a different situation. With that in mind, we have developed a free consultation to help you match your needs with a suitable jurisdiction and bank. You will easily find it on our portal if you seem unsure about the banking prospects. Overall, Serbia is a choice that we highly recommend.

We wish you a really good banking experience – in Serbia or in any other country you may choose!