Alaska Airlines Visa Signature® Credit Card – Why Consider it?

Alaska Airlines

When travelling by air there are certain things one needs to put into consideration before booking a flight. Whatever factor we choose to consider must in the end be convenient, comfortable, and money-saving.

If you constantly travel by air, it is important to purchase a credit card from the airline. Doing this has its advantages in the long run.

This article will explain certain things about Alaska Airlines visa credit card. It will serve as a guide if you choose to consider using this airline as your constant travel plug.

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Alaska Airline Credit Card

Traveling with Alaska Airlines and purchasing their credit card is greatly beneficial for folks who fly often.

Long-time owners of these plastic credit cards get to enjoy rewards and bonuses. Interestingly, first-timers are not exempted from the bonus packages. This is done to ensure they continue to patronize the airline.

Reasons to Choose Alaska Airline Signature Card

Alaska Airline Signature Card

You might ask, why should I choose an Alaska Visa compared to others? What do they offer that I may not get using another airline’s credit card? This section will answer the above questions.

Perfect Choice

Unlike other airline cards, the Alaska credit card is the perfect choice for constant flyers of the airline. It can serve as a good choice for flyers who take biannual or yearly trips. This is because it offers significantly enhanced rewards and some bonuses that will enable you to save extra cash.

Companion Fare Bonus

Another reason to choose Alaska over others is that you can earn this bonus every year on being a cardholder.

This is possible when you spend a considerably good amount. This companion fare allows you to pay for just the fees and taxes for a family member or a friend.

Welcome Offer

When you spend a particular amount in the first ninety days, you will earn a 60,000-mile bonus compared to the previous offer which will earn you 40,000 miles.

Therefore, how often you travel determine how much value you get from this offer. We consider this the perfect opportunity to go see those sites you’ve always dreamed of seeing.

Free Bag Checking

Every passenger that travels via any airline is supposed to pay for their luggage.

As a passenger who uses the airline signature plastic credit, you get to enjoy a free bag check for yourself and a maximum of six other persons who may be traveling with you.

The more often you travel with others, the more you enjoy the benefit of this offer. Now might be the perfect time for that family trip.

Discount on Inflight

Discount on Inflight Alaska Airline

This discount applies when a passenger is on board. You tend to save money on the purchase of beverages, food, or an internet connection when paying with your plastic credit.

Every time you buy something when you board the airline, you save about 20% of your cash. The more you buy, the more you save.

Benefit from Car Renting

Booking to rent a car allows you to save up to 25% of the rental fee. This is only possible when you use your Alaska Airlines Visa Signature® credit card to pay for the rental. Furthermore, you can get a complimentary upgrade which depending on the availability of the offer.

Services for Travel and Emergency Assistance

Whenever there is a form of emergency like ticket replacement, or issues while traveling, you will have access to the call center. This call center provides immediate response and excellent services. The issue is then rectified as quickly as possible.

Protection Against Identity Theft

Using the signature card will give you access to credit monitoring in case your identity is compromised. This service will help you avoid your details being used by another person. It will also alert you on any form of theft if your card gets stolen.

Zero Foreign Transaction Fee

This signature card enables the holder to use the card without being charged any additional fee for purchasing any item or carrying out any transaction.

This means it can be used for international transactions without incurring extra charges. If you are an expat, this card is perfect for you.

Other benefits and more are available to travelers who use this plastic credit. At this point, you shouldn’t be asking if purchasing the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature® Credit Card is worth it. The above benefits and perks should be convincing enough to help you make a final decision.


Alaska Airlines

This signature card give regular flyers enough benefits all-year round at a low yearly fee. When you pick Alaska Airlines as your choice airline, make sure you purchase this signature plastic credit. At this point, we can only say, enjoy your travels.