Top 10 Free Cell Phone Service for Life Unlimited


With the expensive products that consumers sell every day, many are trying to find free mobile communications for a lifetime of anything and everything. Telecommunication services such as data, voice and text messages are an important aspect of everyday life. We use these services to communicate with family, friends and colleagues, read the news, check the weather, watch movies, listen to music and even shop and do business.

The availability of unlimited telecommunication services is a plus and can lead to major savings! We have collected the best unlimited plans offered today by the major players in the world of telecommunications. Discover today the best calling plans that offer unlimited calling, texting and data services!

Lifetime free mobile service Unlimited All

2020 Free lifetime mobile service Unlimited All

Here are the top 10 free mobile phones of 2019 for a life without borders.

1. AT&T Unlimited data plans

For customers who are looking for data transfer with an unlimited number of voice and SMS messages, AT&T offers rates with an unlimited number of voice and SMS messages. Would you like to follow the weather or the latest news on the internet? Do you always want to be on the cutting edge of social networks? Would you like to watch movies or shop online?

The AT&T Unlimited plan costs only $60 a month with the AutoPay discount. The site of use includes the United States, Canada and Mexico, 50% of which is used in the United States. With an unlimited plan, you can enjoy lower data speeds after using 22 GB, especially during peak hours when the network is overloaded.

AT&T Top 10 Free Mobile Phones for Life Unlimited Rates Unlimited Information Plans

AT&T also offers other plans, including a 6GB data plan that costs $45 per month with a discount on automatic payment. Another tariff plan is the 1GB data plan, which costs $35 per month or $30 per month with a discount on automatic payment. Please note that the transfer speed drops to 128 kbps after using your high-speed data access. In addition, any unused high-speed data is automatically transferred to the next month.

Unlimited U.S. minutes and unlimited U.S. text are included in these AT&T data plans. In addition, the AT&T 6GB plan includes unlimited calls and texting to the US, Canada and Mexico.

a. AT&T Unlimited and beyond

The AT&T Unlimited & More package includes a full range of entertainment services. You can receive unlimited data, text and minutes, as well as live and on-demand broadcasts on 30 channels. AT&T Unlimited & More costs $35 per month with a pre-tax AutoPay discount.

b. AT&T unlimited or more Premium

The AT&T Unlimited & More plan includes 15 GB per mobile access point and entertainment service. The speed is limited to 128 kbps after using a 15 GB access point. You can receive unlimited data, text and minutes, as well as live and on-demand broadcasts on 30 channels.

AT&T Unlimited & More costs $45 per month with automatic payment and discounts for paperless invoices before tax. The AT&T Unlimited & More premium bundle offers essentially higher data than the AT&T Unlimited & More bundle.

unlimited and extra AT&Tpackages

AT&T Unlimited quantity and above (SM) Unlimited premium or more (SM)
Unlimited talk and text

Over 30 live and on-demand channels.

SD Video Streaming : Play your entertainment videos in 480p DVD quality. The maximum limit is 1.5 Mbps.

It’s $35 a month.

Rates and discounts

The real charger: $45.00

Sign up for paperless bills and AutoPay for a 10% discount.

Unlimited talk and text

Over 30 live and on-demand channels.

Total premium entertainment

Enjoy a mobile access point with 15 GB per line:

The speed is limited to a maximum of 128 Kbps after 15 GB hotspot.

HD video includes a Stream Saver in 1080p HD quality for $45.00 per month.

Really planned charger : $55.00

Sign up for paperless bills and AutoPay for a 10% discount.

2. Sprint Unlimited Planning

a. Unlimited Sprint Base

The cost of Sprint Unlimited Basic is $65 per month. The discount is reduced to $60.00 with a $5.00 discount on the automatic payment plan. You can now watch movies and TV shows with the famous Hulu. This unlimited plan can provide up to 500 MB of SD video streams and a mobile access point. It includes unlimited calling, texting and internet throughout the country. In addition, available global roaming covers nearly 200 international destinations. Take the fourth and the fifth. cause they’re free with the unlimited base.

Top 10 unlimited rates for free mobile phones for life - Sprint Unlimited

b. Unlimited Sprint plus

Sprint Unlimited Plus costs $75 per month and is reduced to $70 per month with a $5 discount on the AutoPay plan. Now you can enjoy music streaming thanks to TIDAL’s incredible features. You can also stream HD video and enjoy 15GB of LTE Mobile Hotspot, as well as unlimited calling, texting and surfing the internet nationwide. With Unlimited Plus you have the possibility to save $10 per month. This affordable sprint plan includes TV shows you love and enjoy with Hulu.

c. Sprint Unlimited Bonus

The cost of the Sprint Unlimited bonus is $95 per month. The price will be reduced by $90.00 per month with a discount of $5.00 AutoPay. Now you can enjoy the best features of Sprints Unlimited Basic and Plus with the addition of Lookout Premium Plus and Amazon Prime. Enjoy streaming in Full HD and LTE Mobile Hotspot formats up to 50 GB. The Sprint Unlimited Premium plan includes TV programmes that people love and enjoy with Hulu. You can now save $10 per month with Unlimited Plus and Premium services by saving $20 per month on overcredits with Unlimited Premium.

3. Verizon Unlimited Tariff plan

You can choose from three plans by Verizon Unlimited Of course it does: The more lines you receive, the more you can save! All these plans include free Apple music for 6 months and offer 45 million songs at the standard rate of $9.99 per month, which can be cancelled at any time. Now your family can enjoy the Verizon network more. According to leading independent studies, Verizon with evidence and backup data. That’s why more and more people now choose Verizon. Get more and more awards with Verizon!

Verizon Unlimited's Top 10 Free Mobile Phones for Life

a. Unrestricted transfer

The cost of the Unlimited Go Rate Plan is $40 per month per line. You will receive unlimited calls, text messages and data only on the best network. With this plan, you don’t have to worry about overspending on your account. You must be in possession of Auto-Pay in order to keep the price reduction and the costs for taxes and other costs. Enjoy unlimited 4G with LTE data, with the exception of unlimited minutes and text. This plan contains protocols, texts and data for Canada and Mexico. You can also watch streaming videos on 480p DVDs. The unlimited mobile access point it offers is 600 kbps. Get 6 months of free Apple music!

b. Beyond Unlimited

This plan is suitable for banners that really want more, which costs $50 per month per line for costs and taxes. With this plan you can do more and enjoy your phone, because it is perfect for streaming videos, streaming music and much more! It includes unlimited data (4G LTE) in 22 GB with unlimited minutes and SMS. It offers 720p HD video streaming and unlimited LTE 4G mobile access points with 15GB of data. The plan also includes interviews, texts and data in Canada and Mexico. Get free Verizon Up and Apple Music rewards for 6 months. Automatic payment is required to save this price.

c. About Unlimited

The above data is unlimited for super users for maximum performance. It costs $60 per month per line before taxes and fees are paid. Automatic payment is required to save this price. Now you can get the most out of your smartphone and your bundle. With the unlimited package above, you get the best service, the best performance and the best international access. Free services and bonuses include unlimited access to 75GB of LTE 4G data, unlimited talking and texting, streaming HD video (720p), unlimited mobile hotspot (20GB), Verizon Up rewards, 5 passes to more than 130 countries, 500GB of Verizon Cloud, free Apple music for 6 months and free minutes, calls and data in Mexico and Canada.

Verizon offers other plans than unlimited data. Verizon offers 2, 4 and 8 GB rates for the whole family with unlimited calling and texting.

4. T-Mobile Basics

T-Mobile is proud of its unlimited calling plan called T-Mobile Essentials. This is a simple plan that provides only basic needs or requirements such as unlimited talk, text and data on the fastest 4G LTE network in the United States. Every family can benefit from this plan! Each family of 4 members pays only $30 per line per month with AutoPay before taxes and fees are paid.

Top 10 free and unlimited mobile phones for life - T-Mobile Essentials

T-Mobile Essentials includes weekly special offers such as T-Mobile Tuesday, unlimited calling, unlimited texting, unlimited 3G and 2G mobile hotspot data in Canada and Mexico, plus low fixed rates for unlimited calling and texting at $0.25 per minute to over 210 countries and destinations. T-Mobile Essentials customers actually see a slowdown in network congestion compared to other customers, as well as a further reduction in data consumption of more than 50 GB per month.

T-Mobile Essentials is a simple plan for those who always use a phone at home. T-Mobile ONE is the best option for foreign travellers. But if you travel around the world, you are of course always covered by the T-Mobile Essentials. In Mexico and Canada you get unlimited texting, calling and 2G data. For those who need more data, there is a $5 per day 24-hour Global Pass option that allows you to receive up to 512MB of 4G LTE data in addition to unlimited calling.

T-Mobile Essentials also comes with unlimited data from mobile access points with reliable 3G speeds. For only $10 per month, you can add a 10GB 4G LTE mobile broadband data access point. If you need more than 6 connections, the best option is T-Mobile ONE, because it already includes taxes and charges. T-Mobile Essentials is suitable for both new and existing customers, also for customers who do not want to check their creditworthiness. Don’t forget that switching to this plan may lead to the cancellation of existing discounts, such as promotions on free lines. However, you can always arrange promotions for devices with a monthly invoice.

5. Unlimited Spectrum Mobile Device Rate Plans

The charter introduced a new cellular plan called Mobile Spectrum. This plan includes unlimited data on a large Verizon network for as little as $45 per month. It’s somewhat identical to the Comcast wireless service, Xfinity Mobile. This is no longer surprising, as the two companies concluded an agreement without competing in the mobile telephony market. Only current or existing private Internet charters can subscribe to Spectrum Mobile. This means that the spectrum service is limited to certain areas.

Top 10 Free Unlimited Mobile Services for Life - Spectrum Mobile Unlimited Calling Plans

Two different plans include unlimited text, call and data for as little as $45 per month per line and one plan with unlimited voice and text messages for $14 per gigabyte of data. After using 20 GB per month, the data transfer speed decreases when the network is overloaded. Both plans include the delivery of 480p or standard definition video at no additional cost for the delivery of HD video.

These access points slow down the speed (600 kbps) after using 5 GB of data on an unlimited spectrum plan. It is slightly better than the policy for Xfinity Mobile. Because the Spectrum Mobile service runs on Verizon’s LTE network, you get excellent coverage and a much lower price than Verizon’s unlimited call plans. You also have the ability to combine different types of plans on the same account, which means you can share more data with frequent users and save on cheap payment lines for grandparents or young children.

6. votes HughesNet

HughesNet Voice has something to offer with its own unlimited plans. Enjoy the opportunity to make high quality calls at a price you will really appreciate and without using your monthly data! You can even save up to 45% on a landline phone. Unlimited calling HughesNet Voice covers the US, Canada and Puerto Rico! You can dial a new number or save the current number.

It does not interfere with the use of your data or the deletion of data from your service plan. If you want to call your family abroad, you can also add an international calling plan. These plans come with free paid features such as call queue, callback, caller ID, call forwarding and voicemail extension, and are available via text, call and email.

a. Internal commitment for two years

You can immediately save 75 dollars on your HughesNet voting equipment! Monthly fee only

24.95 for the first 24 months.

b. No internal commitments

This is a no-commitment plus plan and only a one-time equipment fee of $75. The monthly fee is $39.95.

c. HughesNet Gen4

HughesNet Gen4 service plans include unlimited downloads and uploads. The fair access policy ensures consistent performance for all users and limits service according to your service plan. The policy is implemented securely by monitoring the use of the data sent to or from the HughesNet terminal.

In fact, the HughesNet Gen4 service plan receives an authorisation at any time, i.e. the amount of data that can be downloaded, or within a month at full speed. If the use of your data exceeds the permitted level, the transfer speed will be reduced.

7. Comcast Xfinity

Comcast Xfinity also offers an unlimited voice service. You can set your options for international calls and unlimited calls across the country, with a reliable service that offers the highest call clarity and advanced features such as a readable voicemail. You can also access the Xfinity Connect application to have unlimited access to text across the country and talk to any of your WiFi connected devices.

Comcast Xfinity has the right plan to keep you in touch with family and friends around the world or just near you. Your services are clear and strong!

Xfinity Voice Unlimited offers unlimited calling, the Xfinity Connect application, voicemail and more than 12 calling options. With Xfinity Voice you can make international calls and talk to family and friends in Canada, Mexico, China, India and many other countries as much as you like. You also get the popular Xfinity Connect application for the ultimate in unlimited national calling and texting. You can download Xfinity Connect to any mobile device and use the phone service from home on the go. You can also automatically block spam messages with Nomorobo, the service that works best with Xfinity Voice.

8. American mobile phone

US Cellular also offers an unlimited tariff plan called UNLIMITED with refund. With this plan you can get back $10 per month per 3 GB connection, which allows you to earn $240 per year. Unlimited reading – $40 per line per month.

This plan requires automatic payment and paperless invoicing with credit approval. The unlimited data plan offers a maximum speed of 3.0 Mbps and automatically switches to 2G when each line reaches 22 GB of data. Fees such as CPRF and SFU and taxes are collected.

9. Wireless Unlimited PlanCricket

Cricket Wireless technology provides unlimited phone and SMS access and data access. You have options for simple, prepaid monthly plans with very affordable extras that best suit your needs and preferences. To get a discount on multiple lines, you can use their unlimited tariff plan and their unlimited supplementary tariff plan.

a. Unlimited plan

This plan provides 4 lines for only $100 a month. You will receive 4 lines with unlimited data, conversations and texts. The data transfer rate is limited to a maximum of 3 Mbps for SD quality video streaming (480p).

b. Supplementary plan

Now every time you add a line to your Cricket Wireless Unlimited Extra package (up to 5 lines) you can get a $30 discount. You’ll certainly appreciate the high speed of the 4G LTE, the unlimited amount of calls, data and text. Also enjoy streaming video in SD quality (480p).

With fast data access, you get data at speeds of up to 4G LTE, which means you can download photos and videos to flash memory, surf the web even faster and play with more power. Don’t forget that the Cricket Unlimited package has a limited data transfer rate of 3 Mbps. Video streaming is limited to 1.5 Mbps (480p). Your broadband data will be used in various online campaigns, unless you are connected to WiFi. With the Unlimited Additional Services Plan, the use of cricket data can be reduced when the network is overloaded.

10. US Unlimited Mobile Rates

US Mobile offers unlimited calling plans with a standard unlimited data rate of 1 Mbps for $35 (100 minutes plus 100 SMS), $42 (unlimited data, calls and SMS), $47 (unlimited data, calls and SMS plus mobile access point). If you need a data transfer rate of 5 Mbps, you can choose between $45 (100 minutes plus 100 text messages included), $52 (unlimited data, calls and text messages) and $57 (unlimited data, calls and text messages plus mobile access point).

They also offer madness with unlimited rates for $65 with unlimited data and 100 minutes plus 100 texts, $70 (unlimited data, conferencing and text) and $75 (unlimited data, conferencing and text plus a mobile access point).

Just order a US Mobile Starter Kit that contains everything you need to get started. Select and activate your first call plan and then insert the SIM card into your phone. US Mobile offers 14 days without risk for new customers. If the customer is not satisfied with the service within 14 days of delivery of the service or within 300 texts, 300 minutes or 300 MB of data, US Mobile will refund you. Shipping costs and SIM card are not reimbursed.

Free lifetime mobile service Unlimited all – calling, texting and data rates

1. Make sure you read the small print, as it contains all the necessary information about your service. Although the fonts are relatively small to read, it is very important to be aware of the conditions that affect your unlimited call, text and data subscription. If you have problems with your vision, you can zoom in by clicking on the zoom icon in your browser.

Most marketing strategies are too good to be true. Be aware of hidden costs such as activation costs, equipment and installation costs, third party costs and other required services with an appropriate fee.

2. Be vigilant and know the components of an unlimited plan. Today, plans are in most cases combined as unlimited calls and texts with unlimited data. The data section may be closed or not closed. When the speed limit in the form of limit data is reached, the speed drops. For example, hotspot data slows down (600 kbps) after using 5 GB of data on a plan with unlimited spectrum.

U.S. mobile offerings cover crazy unlimited data rate at $65 with unlimited data and 100 minutes plus 100 including text, $70 (unlimited data, call and text) and $75 (unlimited data, call and text plus mobile access point).

3. If you have any questions, problems or comments, you can call your mobile operator directly. Although there are many sources where you can view the service plans, a conversation with a company representative or with a living customer is a different experience. If you are uncomfortable making a phone call, you can also chat using the chat support available on the company’s website.

4. There are incredible offers or discounts that are usually associated with wireless packages. You can even take advantage of a package discount when you connect your mobile phone to your TV entertainment device. Another way to get a discount is to sign up for AutoPay and e-billing. Take advantage of offers for new customers and you can get even more discounts on your calls than when you register online. Going to an authorized dealer is another way to get the best deals! You will also receive special offers and promotions for certain holidays and public holidays!

5. Remember that promotional or special offers are only available for a limited time, so it is important to check the expiration dates of current promotions or discounts. Check how many rates apply, because at the end of promotions, many rates are automatically applied.

Find out if you can cancel the service after your free trial or if you need to save it. It is difficult to question these costs, because customers are expected to always know these conditions on the basis of the signed contract.

7. Wait for the perfect moment to sign up. If you’re not in a hurry, there are months or seasons when you should consider the best enrollment for wireless service. It is best to look at holiday specials and when you are entitled to a new device. Offers for new customers generally include free activation, installation and equipment. Existing customers get free updates and discounts when they upgrade their grandfather’s plans to the latest version.


We’ve just made the top 10 mobile phones for life available with an unlimited number of all tariffs from different providers. Now you can be sure to choose the best unlimited plan based on your needs and preferences. Being a smart consumer is the best way to get the most out of your money and paid services. Good luck with choosing a litter plan without limits for you and your family!