8 Top Reasons Why You Need Automated Power Catwalk Currently

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Catwalk is necessary equipment used in oilfields with other tools to simplify the job of oil drilling. The machine is a rectangular platform to reach the rigs and get all the required materials.

It is relatively helpful for the workers. A worker can walk over the platform to get anything he wants from another edge. It is easy to lift any material and keep it safe for use. It is the necessary equipment for many industries.

The catwalk is available in three forms, i.e., fixed, lifting, and automatic. The machines are used to serve many purposes. Every industry has different requirements, and they choose the desired model for their work.

It is necessary to understand the machine’s use as it can be useful for commercial purposes. People are adopting new technologies to reduce their efforts, save time and money.

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In the following write-up, we will discuss some top reasons why you need an automated power catwalk currently. There is a lack of catwalk machines in the drilling market. But with the growing tradition, it is a must to use advanced technology.

1. Easy Handling of Objects

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No one has enough time to take the required material from the ground to the drilling floor. A catwalk can simplify the task and reduces your efforts. It is easy to handle all the objects by keeping them on the rectangular platform and lift them to the desired floor.

In the automated power equipment, all the operations are self-running. The drillers remain safe, and hence, it increases their performance. There is an availability of remote operation to handle tubular from one level to another. It can easily handle objects like stabilizers, subs, bits, utility baskets, casing, etc.

2. Robust

The automatic catwalk is relatively easy to operate. The device is robust as it is designed with advanced technology and various innovative manufacturing techniques.

It is an optimum-quality product, which requires no manual effort to handle heavy-duty materials. There are index-racked drill collars, pipe, and center carrier, that are used for lifting objects.

3. Safe for Workers

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It is quite difficult and dangerous to transport big drill pipes, casing, and collars from one place to another. In case of any mishandling, it can cause injuries to workers. Therefore, it is crucial to take care of the safety of the workers. You should put them at risk and provide innovative technology to handle everything with care.

The tubular is heavy which needs to be loaded on the catwalk for transportation. After the innovation of this equipment, the task of loading and unloading heavy materials has become easy. Now, it is easy to prevent injuries and ensure human safety.

4. Improving Processes by Precise Control

The catwalk provides extra mobility and flexibility to do all the operations precisely. The equipment can manage to control the heavy-duty materials safely without affecting the people around it.

The other best side is that it reduces human efforts, and hence, there will be no excess cost of labor. In this way, one can save a lot of money. All the tasks are done precisely and automatically without any additional efforts.

5. Less Expensive in Terms of Handling and Transportation Operation

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When you need to transfer any heavy or massive material from one place to another, you have to spend a lot on handling and transportation. But now, it is easy to avoid such a thing by using a catwalk. Every industry wants to save money and come up with the latest solutions.

The automatic equipment can be expensive to buy, but it can save money in the future. Therefore, many people are still investing money in it. This step can improve the economy profit by minimizing the labor.

6. Used for Domestic Operations

Many people that no one involves massive equipment for domestic purposes. Nowadays, the traditional catwalk is in use by many industries. But soon, they will switch to the automatic version of the machine.

All the components are transported separately, and it is crucial to assemble and disassemble the parts. It can be time-consuming and requires more effort. No one wants to deal with such a thing. Therefore, it is necessary to shift to the automated version of the equipment.

7. Technology-equipped

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The control system of the automatic catwalk is highly equipped with the latest technologies. It includes position controller, the feedback signal, Programmable Logic Controller, regulators, etc. It is easy to have complete control over the machine.

The operator can manage to do all the operations by running the equipment. It makes many things easy, like transportation and handling of heavy-duty objects. It solves many problems like improving work efficiency and managing heavy labor intensity.

8. Reducing the Production Time

When you improve the drilling operations by using the catwalk, the time of production will reduce. It will be easy and quick to get the output. Within some time, the workers will be done with their work, and you can shift to another project quickly.

There is no compromise with the safety of workers. They can do maximum work with fewer efforts and finish their task in less time. Therefore, you need an automated power catwalk currently.

 The Bottom Line

Moving to advanced technology is always a better decision. In every industry, people should adopt new innovative technologies to reduce effort and increase productivity. Similarly, using an automatic catwalk is another new technology that many drill companies use for heavy-duty work. It is easy to transport and lift heavy and massive objects.

Many industries are still working with traditional machines and spending enough money to get their tasks done. You should update yourself and move on to the latest technology. Consider all the mentioned reasons and understand why you need a catwalk for improving your operations. Know its importance and adopt innovations to gain profit in your future projects.