Property Owners: 5 Signs You Need a Construction Lawyer


Building disputes are an unpleasant business. For homeowners, it can be a costly, distressing experience, and one that takes a long time to resolve. Problems can arise with all project aspects: design, payment, scope, scheduling and more. When this happens, property owners and construction companies often end up in a bitter stalemate. This is why it is imperative to lawyer up if you feel you are getting the raw end of the deal.

Property owners, if you are experiencing any of the following signs, it’s time to get yourself reputable legal reputation:

1. The work is subpar


You would think this wouldn’t happen in Australia. We are a nation that prides ourselves on quality builds made with top materials. But many companies try to cut corners to save time and money before moving onto the next job. This is where you would definitely need respected building and construction lawyers.

They will help set things straight. After all, why should you be paying exorbitant prices for shoddy work? This is one of the biggest issues property owners face with companies and it is something that can be rectified with adequate legal representation.

2. They made changes without notice

You approved the design because you loved the design! But one day you went down to the site to find that something was completely different. Perhaps the floorplan is different? Or perhaps there are particular fittings in a place where they really shouldn’t be located?

Whatever the problem, if the builders make changes without notifying you then you are entitled to dispute this aspect of the build. It’s your property and your investment and you shouldn’t succumb to the pitfalls of a mismatched design/build. More often than not these alterations are made out of some kind of error and this devalues your investment. As such, you should seek legal representation if the company refuses to rectify the alteration.

3. They are charging you out of contract


If you have agreed to a set price in your contract then that set price should stay that way. There is no healthy reason for a company to regularly charge you out of contract and you shouldn’t have to keep paying. Sometimes, a company will even charge their client just because they are behind schedule and need more time to complete the work. How is that fair on you? It’s not, and you shouldn’t have to foot the bill for a Slack team who is looking to make a sucker of you.

4. They are refusing an aspect of the work

The company agreed to build the design. Therefore, there should be no reason why they should turn around and refuse an aspect later on. Like unnotified changes, refusing an aspect of the work devalues your investment. It also means the home builders take your money without completing a vital aspect of the work. Therefore, this is most certainly a situation in which you need to seek legal representation.

5. They are taking far too long

You likely agreed to a general timeline in your contract. So why has it gone months over that agreed completion date? Surely there is no reason why they can be lagging behind this much? This is obviously very frustrating for you, as you have plans with the property and made plans in accordance with a general completion time.

Enlisting legal representation can help speed up the completion date. Your lawyers will work to ensure the company picks up the slack to avoid any unwanted penalties. It shouldn’t take them too long to complete it once your legal representation gets involved!