8 Most Popular Vape Juice Flavours Around the Globe

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There is something about flavors. Some light people up, while others carry special memories. Most flavors come from something you like eating, like fruits, meals, or drinks. As vaping becomes popular, these flavors are finding their way into vape juices.

Some CBD users don’t like its earthly cannabis taste or smell. But do you know you can vape CBD juice with different flavors and are easily available at VapeCraft? Yes, if you want to camouflage that natural taste, why not buy an e-juice with your favorite flavor? here are some flavors you can easily find around:

8 Most Popular Vape Juice Flavors

1. Tobacco

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You can’t talk about favorite e-juice flavors without the original tobacco flavor. Remember that vaping began as a substitute for smoking and many former smokers wanted their tobacco flavor. So, the initial e-juices were typically tobacco flavored. Of course, not everyone who vapes nowadays is a former smoker, but the tobacco flavor remains a favorite for many.

You must wonder why someone trying to quit smoking would want something that reminds them of the same. Well, tobacco vapes are way smoother. They don’t have the taste of burned tobacco but more of a fragrance. The flavor of tobacco also helps keep the desire for smoking at bay. For those who don’t like the strong tobacco smell, there is the option of toning it with other flavors like vanilla or caramel.

2. Menthol

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Menthol is one of the most common flavors besides tobacco, even among cigarette smokers. Menthol offers a cooling, soothing sensation that many vapers love. It comes with a range of tones, including cool mint and full-on icy blast.

For a past smoker who enjoyed menthol cigarettes, the menthol e-juice flavor will be a perfect match. You get to have your favorite flavor without the effect of smoking. How great is that?

Even if you are not a former smoker but likes the menthol flavor in candies, you should try the menthol-flavored vape juice. You will love it! Menthol flavor is quite soothing and can provide a much-needed reprieve for your taste buds. Menthol is also great if you are feeling under the weather due to its refreshing tone.

3. Fruit Flavors

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Strawberry, watermelon, apple, caramel, you name it. Whatever fruit you like, you can bet you will get an e-juice of that flavor. Fruit-flavored e-juices are just as varied as the fruits of the world. Of course, each fruit flavor will be favored according to region, but the most common are strawberries and watermelon.

Fruit flavors are a bit complicated to create, and some may taste more like candy than fresh fruit. For example, a strawberry flavor tastes more like the real fruit as compared to blueberry.

You can even get fruit flavors for non-edible or exotic fruits like jackfruit, kiwi, or mangosteen. Of course, the rarer the fruit, the more difficult it is to find the flavor. Since you can’t lay your hands on these fruits, why not enjoy their flavor as you vape?

4. Desserts

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Everyone loves a great dessert. A perfect dessert is the quintessential topping of a great meal. But the dessert sometimes arrives when you are already too full. But why should you miss the taste of your favorite dessert when you can vape it? Of course, it doesn’t come with the texture, but the taste is just as great.

Dessert flavors are quite popular than you would think. Many advanced vapors actually enjoy these flavors more than the more common flavors like tobacco. Dessert flavors range from ice cream to custards, donuts, pies, cookies, and cheesecakes.

5. Drinks

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Every great meal ends with a refreshing drink to top it up. You have probably come across strawberry milk or coffee flavors when buying your e-juice. Yes, e-juice manufacturers have worked out how to include your most favorite drink flavors into vape juices.

You can now enjoy the taste of strong coffee as you vape. The taste is just as good as the real coffee, but of course, it isn’t stimulating! Coffee might be the most common drink flavor, but you can also get tea, soda, and even cocktails. Even alcohol flavor exists for those who want to curb alcohol cravings.

6. Foods

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Perhaps the most complicated flavors are those that mimic popular foods. Of course, this depends on the region as well. These flavors are complex because every region has its favorite food, unlike fruits, drinks, or even candies with an almost universal presence.

If you are craving your favorite meal and don’t want to take up some calories, you can just vape. There are tons of food-flavored e-juices out there. Be it cereal, French toast, and pancakes you are craving, you can find an e-juice to curb the cravings.

7. Candy

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Candies are popular because they can be quite addictive. But you can enjoy the taste of your favorite candy without the calories, and of course, that crunchie texture on your mouth! Flavors like caramel and cotton candy are reminiscent of childhood, and that’s why some adults like them.

8. Cream flavor

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Creamy flavored vape juices are among the most popular and in-demand e-liquid flavors. The creamy flavors allow you to get the best out of your e-liquid. They are smoother on inhales which makes them suitable for frequent vaping.

A popular flavor in this category is vanilla custard, but there are many more types. It gives the e-liquid a seductively silky, and unique rich taste with thick clouds on exhales.


Flavors offer vapers a unique vaping experience. You can be caping with fruits, yet everyone has a unique identifying flavor. Although there’s no right or wrong flavor option, your vaping experience can significantly improve if you find your favorite one.

But with many options, anyone can be overwhelmed choosing the best vape juice. The best way is to go with your personal preferences. First, decide whether you want something sour or sweet. Once the basics are out of the way, you can narrow them down to the specific flavor of your choice. Remember, it may take many trials before finding the perfect pair, so don’t be in a rush.