Cracking The Replica Lightsaber Customisation Code


    As a Star Wars fan, owning a lightsaber is one of the ways to truly feel connected to the Force, and thanks to the booming market of replica lightsabers, you can now own as many replica lightsabers as you want. What’s even better, you can craft your very own custom lightsaber.

    Just like the most force sensitive characters from Star Wars, customising your replica lightsaber is a process that should be highly individualised and dependent on factors such as the type of materials available, the saber’s intended use, and your relationship with the Force. To help make this process easier for you, we have come up with a few customisation tips you can keep in mind as you assemble your dream replica lightsaber.

    Choosing a Colour


    As you know, there are different lightsaber colours in the Star Wars universe, with blue, green (for the Jedi), and red (for the Sith) being the most common. Each colour symbolises something different and understanding the meaning behind each colour will help you choose the one that best represents who you are. The following are the meanings behind each lightsaber colour.

    • Green signifies harmony, nature, and growth. (eg. Yoda)
    • Blue symbolises serenity, justice and truth. (eg. Obi Wan)
    • Red symbolises determination, strength, anger and rage. (eg. Darth Vader)
    • Silver/white signifies peace, purity and serenity. (eg. Ahsoka Tano)
    • Yellow signifies hope, goodness and the power of the sun (eg. Bastila Shan)
    • Orange is for resourcefulness, creativity and ambition. (eg. Kyle Katarn)
    • Purple signifies royalty, nobility and wisdom. (eg. Mace Windu)

    Choosing a Blade


    As mentioned earlier, your lightsaber’s intended use plays a significant role in its customisation. If your custom replica lightsaber is simply for show (cosplaying or display in your home), then a mid-grade blade is an excellent choice. This type of blade is usually lightweight and can radiate very bright colours, making them very eye-catching and easy to swing around. Mid-grade blades can also be used for light sparring.

    If you, however, plan on using your custom lightsaber for duelling, a heavy grade blade is the best option. This type of blade is usually very durable and able to withstand the intense conditions of combat.

    Choosing a Hilt


    Apart from being the part that you hold on to while swinging your saber, the hilt houses the Kyber crystal, the power source, switch, the soundboard and other electronics. There are several lightsaber hilt designs available and the one you choose really comes down to your preference. Always go for a high-quality hilt, like a neopixel lightsaber hilt, especially if you intend to use your custom lightsaber for duelling.

    Sound Effects

    It is not a true lightsaber if it doesn’t make the characteristic buzzing and whooshing sound. There are several online retailers that sell lightsaber soundboards with movie-accurate sound effects. Alternatively, you could buy a replica lightsaber, take it apart and use its soundboard and speakers.

    Additional Accessories

    You can take your replica lightsaber customisation a step further by investing in some lightsaber accessories such as; a coupler (for assembling the hilts of two lightsabers to form a saberstaff), additional blade tips, a blade plug and a lightsaber case.


    Replica lightsaber customisation can be a fun way for you to add your own creative touch to your lightsaber. Hopefully, the above tips help in making your replica lightsaber truly your own.