Can You Fly With Delta-8 Vape Juice Oil in America & Canada


Users of cannabis products must be especially careful when traveling. Namely, what is legalized in one state doesn’t have to be legal in another one. Although users and a good part of the public in the USA or Canada think that delta-8 vape juice is completely ok – that doesn’t mean that it will be the same if you travel by plane with it.

Therefore, many ask the question: Can you fly with delta-8 vape juice oil in America & Canada? Here is the answer!

Cannabis Products And Their Benefit: The Public Is Still Divided

For years, there has been a talk of various benefits of cannabis products. However, even after so much time, the spears are crossed between the users and part of the professional public from one side – and those others who still look with disapproval at some of the various derivatives of marijuana on the other side.

Nevertheless, we can say that CBD is one of the cannabinoids that has managed to pave the way and partially strengthens public awareness about the benefits of cannabis. Certainly, CBD is not the only cannabinoid found in marijuana. There is also THC – the one that we know well, but the one still unpopular and disapproved of in so many countries.

Legal Or Not? It Is Still A Bit Confusing


Some US states, such as Illinois and others, have approved not only the use of hemp-based products – but also the recreational use of cannabis, of course with certain restrictions. The same situation is in Canada, which is one of the first countries to legalize the use of marijuana.

However, there are certain federal states that have been opposing this for years. What is the situation with products that contain THC? If we talk about delta-8 THC, this substance is still considered legally invulnerable to sanction, even in countries where cannabis is not legal. The point is that the law has not yet recognized such products – or provided for sanctions when it comes to this particular form of cannabis.

Still, does that mean you can travel safely to countries that don’t approve of THC and haven’t legally framed it in this form? No, it doesn’t! In countries where a percentage of 0.3% THC component is allowed, you may face inconveniences. Even those who use other products such as CBD within the legal framework – are often exposed to oil checks, tests, or trials. Enough to be late for a flight.

Can You Practice Local Flights In The US With Delta 8-THC?

As we have already noted, the attitude of the authorities towards the delta-8 THC differs from state to state – and the federal laws that apply to them. Still, you can visit here, and choose products like vapes and vape tanks which are federally legal, so you shouldn’t have any problems.

In order to at least partially relieve these unclear legal situations – the Americans even changed some legal norms. The TSA changed its policy two years ago to make it easier for passengers to use CBD.

There is also the Farm Act which has somewhat eased the situation in some US states, but not everywhere. So we can say that traveling with hemp products is still risky even when you follow the rule of 0.3% THC component. However, as stated above, there are many ambiguities when it comes to possessing delta-8 THC.

Travel With Delta-8 Vape Or Not?


It all depends on where you travel and where you carry the vape. Certainly, all passengers are expected to carry all their belongings packed in a handbag. At some airports like LA or Seattle, controls are milder for passengers with a delta-8 vape – but you can still have inconveniences due to other risks that carrying a vape and battery hold with it.

Namely, electronic vapes and batteries are considered to carry a fire risk, so they can turn you down because of that. Also, if you are suspicious due to carrying a vape or a larger amount of oil cartridges – you can expect an awkward situation. TSA officers require no more than 100ml oil or juice to be put in a plastic bag.

Ultimately, it all comes down to an individual decision of the TSA officer. Although there is little chance that someone will arrest you for this, you will still experience discomfort and waste a lot of time on interrogations – which you certainly do not need. However, no inconveniences await you in states where use for recreational purposes is allowed.

What Is The Situation In Canada?

As we know, Canada was one of the first countries to legalize cannabis for recreational use. Therefore, cannabis-based products are legal. Still, what about flights? The situation here is much simpler. Namely, if you are flying locally in Canada, you will not have any problems flying with delta-8 THC vape juice oil.

Quite simply, the situation is such that there is no law that would prevent you from doing so. However, a flight to other countries can always be debatable, so take care of that. After all, if Canada has legalized cannabis and products based on it – then it is wisest to consume them there.

Tip Plus For Air Travel


When flying and carrying your vape, batteries, and cartridges – make sure it is all well packed and in accordance with the airport regulations in your country. Otherwise, your vape, cartridges, and batteries may be seized primarily due to the risk of fire.

Furthermore, if you do not pack them adequately in plastic bags closed with tape and stoppers – it can happen that the cartridges burst and spill, which you would definitely not want. In addition, some believe that these liquids in contact with high heat and high temperatures can evaporate toxically. So make sure you pack everything well.

The Bottom Line

We have seen that rules vary from state to state and from case to case. Therefore, it may be best that if you are not completely sure of the legality of the country you are traveling to – leave your vape at home.