Here Is The List of Top 5 Cannabis Stores in Ontario


Cannabis has been in the public eye for quite some time now. It has gone from a felony drug to something that can potentially help with all sorts of health problems. One of the countries that realized this ahead of everyone else was Canada.

Ontario is slowly becoming the center of the world for all those in love with recreational marijuana, and there’s hardly anyone that wouldn’t use the opportunity to buy their weed stash from online dispensaries. is slowly changing society’s view on cannabis products, and it affects all spheres of our community.

Some would say that those changes are damaging, but it all shows that marijuana only improved the lifestyle of the residents of Ontario. By allowing the legalization of marijuana, Canada outdid itself once more and showed how much it cares about its citizens by allowing them freedom of choice.

In return, Canada benefited by collecting a huge amount of taxes from the dispensaries with the license to sell marijuana- which the country can invest in building a better future for its residents.

If you’re a resident of Ontario (or a tourist that is a cannabis enthusiast), and you’re thinking about buying your marijuana stash from the best in the business, here are our top 5 choices of dispensaries in your area. Keep in mind that there are many other cannabis stores that you can explore, but these five stand out in our opinion. And, you will see why in a jiffy. 

1. Hobo Recreational Cannabis Store


As one of the most pleasant places to shop in, Hobo Recreational Cannabis Store offers a unique ambiance for buying your weed in Ontario. The shop infuses Scandinavian minimalism with quality products in its offer and provides its customers an eye-suiting environment for them to start picking their strain of cannabis.

The shops offer easy access to all their products, and you can spend any time you want going around and choosing the strain you’ll buy. Besides having one of the best quality cannabis, their employees will do everything they can to enhance your shopping experience by providing unlimited support and answering any questions you might have.

2. Canna Cabana


Heading out from Scandinavian minimalism to something somewhat different, Canna Cabana has a more modern approach when decorating their interior, but with a note of privacy.

By placing all their products in the island counters around the store, the shop allows their customers to roam around freely and interact with the shop’s experts much easier. Besides cannabis strains, Canna Cabana offers a variety of cannabis equipment and supplies you would ever need when consuming recreational marijuana.

The combination of quality products, good customer service, and an open concept design makes this shop one of the best in the area, and you should consider visiting it at some point.

3. J.London


With one of the classiest interiors in the business, J.London will confuse you with being more a Diamonds store than a regular cannabis dispensary. Don’t let that fool you, as this is one of the best stores in Ontario where you can buy some of the best strains in the country.

J.London offers a classy style of shopping backed by an effective system of human-AI interactions over the interactive touchscreens around the shops. These touch screens indeed eliminate the necessity for a human expert, but you still have an option to interact with the shop’s expert and ask questions face to face. J.London has a variety of products worth checking out any time you’re in the neighborhood.

4. Spirit Leaf


Spiritleaf has a unique interior that combines industrial style with high arched windows and open brick walls- a perfect combination applauded by all interior enthusiasts. When you shop your cannabis stash in stores equipped such as this one, you might never turn to any other store in the future.

Spiritleaf is one of the best shops where you can find many popular strains of marijuana and some of those trademarked by the store as their signature products. Besides buds, the store sells all kinds of equipment for marijuana enthusiasts, and you will always find something you might like on their shelves.

5. Superette


We saved the best for the last, as we consider Superette as one of the best-designed stores in Ontario by far. With a retro-style resembling pop-up shops in the past, Superette offers a unique ambiance where you can go in and buy your marijuana stash and equipment.

Once you’ve entered this shop, you will instantly fall in love with an eye-suiting design that allows you to stay in for hours and take your time choosing the product that will blow your mind.

Some of the best experts in the business are there for you to enhance your shopping experience, and you can rest assured you’ll get only the best from the best. Check out this store any time you’re in the neighborhood to find out what makes them better than other choices.


Buying your cannabis from the local stores in Ontario will help you relieve any daily stress you face during the week. Hell, scientists are still exploring the health benefits of cannabis, and who knows how beneficial this product actually is. 

A combination of good interior design, quality products, and excellent customer support will enhance that experience, so you should always choose only the best stores from our list. Of course, there are many more cannabis stores in Ontario. This list is not complete, but rather a list of the top 5 cannabis stores in this writer’s humble opinion.

Be sure to explore Ontario – which is a beautiful place, by the way – and discover more stores that might fit your needs better. In any case, we wish you a pleasant experience, and we hope that you will find what you are looking for. Happy shopping.